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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched “Cloud” Mode for Intelligent Litigation Service

Tofurther implement the thought of Xi Jinping on ruling by law and the importantspirit of his talk about strengthening the country through network, accelerate theimprovement of the quality and effectiveness of the legalized businessenvironment construction in it,Dalian Free Trade Area together withDalian IntermediatePeople's Court, DETDZPeople's Court,have jointly launched the "cloud"mode for intelligent litigation serviceto rely on big data, cloud computing,Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other information technologiesto forgea modernized, intelligent litigation service systemwith efforts, toprovide rich and fast dispute resolution channels and one-stop high qualitylitigation service for enterprises and improve in an all-round manner thejudicial sense of gain, happiness, security of enterprises.

        Thefirst is to establish a “cloud channel”

Throughthe modernized upgrading and modification to the litigation service center, thecourts at the two levels have realized multi-channel data integration for thelitigation service hall, litigation service web, mobile terminals, thelitigation service hotline 12368, etc. toopenin an all-round manner theidentity authentication channel for case parties, satisfy in a one-stopmannerthe diversified case acceptance demand of case parties, such as caseacceptance on web, case acceptance online, self-help case acceptance, sitecaseacceptance, cross-regioncase acceptance, etc.Throughthe intelligent hallconstruction andthe use of self-help case acceptance, self-help query,self-help printing, risk assessment and other intelligent hardware equipmentand remote video, voice recognition, OCR graphics recognition, automatic data backfilling out, mobile payment andother software functions, it is realized toprovide one-stop litigation service over cloud for more than 20 items,including online guide, case acceptance, query, payment of fees, consultation,file reading, mediation, transfer, appeal and so on. A "greenchannel" for special groups, a case acceptance window for the main market body,a special service zone for the main market body and three work roomsforquestion answering by judges after adjudication, court leaders receivingentrepreneurs and litigation related petition letters have been establishedwith such intelligentized modules as counsel service, question answering after adjudication,remote visit reception, etc. added in Liaoning mobile micro court, Liaoningintelligent courtoffice system and other online platforms, mobile terminals, sothatno case parties need to "source connectionsfor handling cases, handlingthings and reflecting issues".

        The second is to offer “cloud mediation”

Thecourts at the two levels are further expanding the scope of industrial andprofessional mediation. Under the coordination of Dalian Free Trade AreaManagement Commission, Dalian Judicial Bureau engages professionals to giveplay to the leading, guarantee role of the courts at the two levels in freetrade business mediation, use suchinformationization methods as cloudcomputing, big data, etc. to openmultiple system connection joints such asintranet for adjudication, external net for government affairs, Liaoning litigationservice network, etc. to gather all mediation resources on the web and provide"menu-style" dispute resolution services for the masses. The courtsat the two levels have realizeda connection among multiple sides including onlineand offline, adjudication network and Internet, micro end and PC end, caseparties and judges, and completeda unified authentication management platformof interconnection,inter-compatibility and data interaction, and gathered morethan 70 business backbones, legal professionals, experts and scholars indifferent fields to fulfillglobal online mediation, online question answeringand "cloud joint review" to “see” without meetingeach other in thewhole process, and improve the efficiency to solve conflicts and disputes overthe cloud.

        The third is to realize “cloud adjudicationenforcement”

Byallowing the remote court hearing system to create independently a cloudcourt,the court trial work is moved to "cloud" to open a new mode of"screen-to-screen adjudication". As a result of establishing a bigdata analysis platform integrating data display and analysis, embedding the courttrial process timeline in the judges’ case handling system to record in a realtime manner and display synchronously all nodes,provide risk prompts, give similarcasesand keep intelligent supervision, the informatizatized court trail supervisionlevel is improved. By innovating the process of case acceptance execution,enterprises,through“cloud execution” on the informatizedplatform, need to submit no proofof legal document validity on applying to court for case acceptance execution. Byusing the network execution checking and controlling system to conduct"point-to-point" network checking and controlling of all executioncases, search relevant information of the executedby multiple ways and takecompulsory measures timely, the judicial efficiency is ensured.

        Thefourth is to make “cloud evaluation”

TheWorkGuide to Putting Production and Operation Impact Evaluation into Practice inHandling Enterprise Related Cases has been issued to analyze, evaluate possibleimpact on the production and operation of the enterprise involved in a casefrom multiple aspects, such as litigation cost, time, execution rate, in-placerate, etc., through big data intelligent analysisto the whole process of caseacceptance, trial, judgment, execution, etc. andall such links asjudicialopenness, trial limit management, etc. for enterprise related cases of 8 typesandpreventand handle effectively to minimize the impact of law enforcement and casehandling activities on the production and operation of enterprises.

       Practical effect

       1. Improve business case trial efficiency in an effective manner

Throughthe "cloud" mode for intelligent litigation service, the enterpriselitigation service and business dispute resolution are improved in respect ofboth speed and efficiency. As of Sept. 2021, the people's courts of the city hadaccepted 1,936 cases online, held 1,652 court sessions and hearings on thecloud, with a case settlement rate of 83.06%;the courts of DETDZhad accepted 7,958cases online, conducted 4,385 online mediations totally, and held 4,342 court sessionsand hearings on the cloud, with a case settlement rate of 74.91%.

       2. Improve the sense of judicial gain of enterprises

Underthe “cloud” mode for intelligent litigation service, a litigation service and diversifiedbusiness dispute resolution "cloud platform" is erected for "allowingdata to run more and enterprisesto visit less" to come true and to openthe channel for enterprises to reflect issues, so that enterprisesneed not “sourceconnections for the three” as handling things,cases and reflecting issuestoresult in enterprise business disputes being solved ina convenient, efficientand fair manner. The "cloud evaluation" allowsthe casehandling judgesto take effective litigation service measures to resolve conflicts and disputesin a timely manner to protect the legitimate rights and interests of theenterprises involved to the maximum extent. As of Sept. 2021, the courts at thetwo levels had heardbusiness cases of free trade enterprises with an amountinvolved up to RMB 305 million yuan, helped 317 enterprises quickly resolve theirdisputes and recover funds toreduce effectively their burden of litigation,creating a sound judicial ecology and enhancing their sense of judicial gainand security.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to take the enterprise demands as theguide to deepen the linkage among the four sides of "government, court,enterprise and association", make in-depth cooperation withDalian JudicialBureau, CCPIT court, mediation association, etc., takethe means of science andtechnology as the carrier tomakethe "cloud" modefor intelligent litigationservice solid and strong, so as to provide a sound legal guarantee for highquality development of the area.