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Dalian Free Trade AreaHaving Opened a New Mode of Shipping Logistics Hand in Hand with Liaoning Port Group to Help High-quality “Manufacturing in China” Go to World

Toconstantlyforgethe pivotal node serving domestic and international "double cycle",enhance the energy level of Dalian northeast Asian international shippingcenter, international logistics center, Dalian Free Trade Area, on the morningof Oct. 25, held solemnly the ceremony for the maiden voyage of the ro/ropassenger liner of the Airbus project of Louis Dreyfus to North America hand inhand with LiaoningPort Group, WalleniusWilhelmsenGroup atDalian Automobile Terminal.Thiscooperation is a vivid practice in forginga gold business card of Liaoninginthe transportation power, and also a specific initiative to enable the watertransportation industry to achievedigitalized transformation.By providingcustomized services for customers, a new shipping logistics mode has beencreated for the first time, with such large equipment as aircraft modules, etc.being exported for the first time in the form of ro/ro MAFI, to effectivelyenhance the influence of Dalian port as an international hub and, what is more,to open up a new logistics channel for Liaoning’s high-quality "manufacturingin China" to go to the world.

Forthe past two years, with the container freight ratesrising sharply, the demandof customers for changing the transportation mode and reducingthe cost has beenincreasing year by year. Dalian Free Trade Area, by combining with the actualneeds of overseas customers and giving full play to the unique advantage ofDalian Automobile Terminal in multimodal transportation, is braveto innovatethetransportation mode to opens up constantly new shippingroutes connecting theworld. The cargoescarried onthe shipping route of this liner arethe Airbus A220aircraft modules produced by AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Co., Ltd. The total aircraftmodules carried on the maid voyage are about 2,100 cubic meters. The routestarts from Dalian Automobile Terminal until the destination port of USA. It isexpected that there will be more than 2 linerseach month. Dalian AutomobileTerminal provides customers with a full range of port logistics services,including cargo lifting, bundling, warehousing, and ship loading and so on.

WalleniusWilhelmsenGroup,as the world's largest ro/ro shipping company, engages in professional ro/rocargo, vehicle transportation and logistics business, with the business scope coveringautomobile, engineering work, farm machinery and large equipment, etc., toprovide customers with whole-process logistics solutions. That group is also animportant business partner of Liaoning Port Group. For the past years, the twosides have been making cooperation in multiple businesses actively, includingforeign trade import and export of commercial vehicles, machineries,international transshipment of commercial vehicles, etc.

Inrecent years, Dalian Free Trade Area, from the perspective ofthe brand constructionof northeast Asian shipping center and logistics center, has, by adheringconstantlyto the deep ploughing of the world market, the innovation of servicedevelopment, beenmaking efforts in the foreign trade ro/ro business to achievemultiple important business breakthroughs hand in hand withLiaoning Port Groupsuccessively in respect of international ro/ro shipping route networkconstruction, combined commercialvehicle transportation by sea and rail, cargotransit transportation and other fields, vigorously promote the construction ofnew land and marine channels in Liaoning andspare no effort to forgeDalian intoa northeast Asian commercial vehicle transshipment center.

Standingon the new starting point, Dalian Free Trade Area will make use of theopportunity of promoting the construction of a special zone for industrialinnovation to push forward with all efforts the high-quality development of theindustries by port. It will continue to deepen the cooperation with multiplesides in multiple fields jointly with Liaoning Port Group, constantly perfectand upgrade the port industrial chain service and internationalized servicefunctions, erect such logistics channels as being more efficient, convenient,green and economical for commercial vehicles and ro/ro cargoes, have theexperience of Dalian replicated better for the comprehensive, all-roundrevitalization of Liaoning and make its contribution to the building of anational “double-cycle” pattern.