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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Taken the Lead in Launching Online Supervision Platform for Special Equipment Movement Nationwide

Inorder to drive “Internet + supervision” for special equipment, Dalian FreeTrade Area, by integrating in an in-depth manner “Internet + big data +existing supervision means”, has launched a mobile online intelligentsupervision platform integrating such functions as data collection, dynamic supervision,risk early warning, information sharing, cloud storage and computing, etc. Itis known that this is the first national equipment intelligent supervision platform.     

        Realizemobile online supervision

By“special equipmentcloud supervision” APP, it is realizedthat offline supervision to special equipment transforms to mobile supervisionand online supervision. In checking the special equipment in the area underjurisdiction, no supervision staffs have to “go from place to place”exhaustively by relying on their memory. Instead, they may just click to openthe APP including a map for the area under jurisdiction showing the enterprisedistribution clearly and supporting map navigation. After arriving at the spot,they can check randomly the equipment condition through the APP mobile dataterminal and complete the supervision journal, generate the safety supervisionand inspection record for special equipment in an electronic version. Byscanning relevant 2D code, what are shared by enterprises can be filed.Simultaneously, the supervision staffs can receive in a real time manner theannual examination expiration alarm information through such APP to urgeenterprises at the first time to eliminate hidden troubles timely.

        Improvedaily supervision effect

Itis known that in traditional special equipment supervision work, an enterprisehad to provide daily inspection tour records, fault records, regular inspectionreports and personnel qualification certificates, emergency drill records, etc.for special equipment in inspection reception that were fussy and low inefficiency. On the other hand, the supervision staffs had to make artificialanalysis to a great deal of special equipment data of the area underjurisdiction by relying on their experience, and it was difficult to realizereal-time dynamic supervision to such problems as overdue annual examination toenterprise special equipment, expiration of operator certificates, etc. As aresult of using the “specially arranged intelligent cloud supervision”APP, thesupervision staffs can complete rapidly random checking to equipment condition,graphic and textual description of problematic points and safety supervisionand inspection recording and storage, and allow enterprises to share theinspection results for filing through the 2D code generated on the spot. Theinspection time for each enterprise does not exceed 30 minutes.

        Saveenterprise cost for inspection reception

Beforean enterprise accepts site inspection, the enterprise staffs can inform theinspection contents through the “specially arranged cloud supervision” APP toprepare materials. Such materials as can be found in the APP defy the need toprovide any paper version. Simultaneously, the problem that enterprisepersonnel took a lot of time to look up supplementary information on the spotunder the traditional mode is solved, as this can be done instantly by usingthe “specially arranged intelligent cloud supervision” APP. As a result, theinspection reception work goes online from “materials” with blind materialpreparation transforming to accurate material preparation to shorten the timeof data calling and reduce the influence of manmade factors, compress the siteinspection time and reduce substantially the inspection reception cost ofenterprises.       

        Improvethe law enforcement effect

Theuse of the APP can locate important areas, import units, important equipmentand other risky objects rapidly to conduct daily supervision and inspection tospecial equipment by law, intensify the risk control, spare no effort forhidden trouble checking, drive special rectification and ensure there areevidences available for query for each work step, link. Simultaneously,systemized management can be implemented to the standard library for hiddentrouble checking in a unified format. After safety inspection, those inspectingitems not in conformity with relevant standards will be summarizedautomatically with the laws and regulations violated by relevant inspectingitems being available for query in the system to improve the site lawenforcement efficiency substantially, realize that the special equipmentsupervision and inspection work is rigorous, standard in process, standardizedin law enforcement in all links.  

ThroughAPP, we can quickly locate key areas, key units, key equipment and other riskobjects, carry out daily supervision and inspection of special equipmentaccording to law, strengthen risk control, pay close attention to hiddendangers, promote special rectification, and ensure that every step and link ofwork can be checked. At the same time, the hidden danger detection standardlibrary can be systematically managed in a unified format. After the safetyinspection, the inspection items that do not meet the standards will beautomatically summarized, and the laws and regulations violated by the relevantinspection items can be queried in the system, which greatly improves theefficiency of on-site law enforcement, and realizes the rigorous inspection,standardization of process and standardization of law enforcement in the wholeprocess of special equipment supervision and inspection.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to perfect and innovate the specialequipment supervision mechanism and technology means, promote in an in-depthmanner the application of "Internet + supervision" and cloudcomputing technology, introduce classified supervision cloud algorithm toclassifyspecial equipment automatically according to relevant classified supervisionrequirements tolist such equipment as having safety risks and hidden troublesthrough that algorithm,and further improve the accuracy and effectiveness of supervisiontoensure special equipment to be safe without accidents.