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Centralized Exhibition of the Best Medical Care, the Most Delicious Food and the Most Beautiful Dress

The Construction of Special Sectionof Dalian Free Trade Area for Industrial Innovation is Advancing Very Quickly


OnOct. 15, the centralized work commencement ceremony forthe project of the SpecialSection of Dalian Free Trade Area for Industrial Innovation was held, which wasattended by Li Pengyu, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian MunicipalParty Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jinpu New District,Chief of Jinpu New District Management Committee, Secretary of the PartyCommittee of Dalian Free Trade Area, relevant principal comrades of Jinpu New DistrictManagement Committee, Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee, JinpuCustoms and relevant enterpriseprincipals.

Theprojects commenced in a centralized manner this time include: Dalian GuangshenBiological Cell R&D Industrial Center project, Dalian InternationalPreferred Food Processing and Experience Center project and Dalian ShanheCross-border Commodity Landed Processing Base project, with a total investmentof RMB 385 million yuan (including USD 21 million of foreign investment),covering the fields of production, life and consumption. Theseare the first projectscommenced in a centralized manner since the implementation of Construction PlanforSpecial Sectionof Dalian Free Trade Area for Industrial Innovation, beingcharacterized by high starting point, new field and strong influence, andpromoting the accelerated implementation of the construction of the SpecialSectionfor Industrial Innovation.

DalianGuangshen Biological Cell R&D Industrial Center project is constructed byGuangshen Group, with a total investment of RMB 250 million yuan. Located in D-DPort and covering an area of 5,000 square meters,it takes advantage of the firstgo and first try preferential policies for free trade zones to build 10K classclean room, microbial test laboratory for biological medicines, immune cellresearch and development, medical care center, etc. After project completion,it will take stem cell clinical result industrialization as the goal, stem celltechnological achievement transformation as the foundation to expandcontinuously life and health related fields and simultaneously graft globalhigh-end technological resources to layout the fields of biological medicine,stem cell quality control evaluation, stem cell clinical transformationresearch and medical care to provide the best medical care services anddrivethehigh-quality development of the "great health" industry.

Theproject of Dalian International Preferred Food Processing and Experience Centerisinvested for construction by JipintangHealth Industry Co., Ltd.,with an earlystage investment being USD 10 million. Located in Wanli Bonded Zone andcovering an area of 20,000 sq. m., it will utilize the convenient customs clearanceadvantage of the free trade zone and comprehensive bonded zone to engage inproduction and processing of the most representative food preferred in world,on basis of which it will also open its production lines for city residents andtourists to visit and experience to forge a food industrial experience centerof open, interactive type and establish a “new urban leisure space”. After theproject reaches its production capacity, the annual sales amount is expected tobeRMB 450 million yuan to bring exquisite food experience to Dalian and evennortheast China and help further improve the opening level of Dalian Free TradeArea.

Theproject of Dalian Shanhe Cross-border Commodity Landed Processing Base isinvested for construction by Dalian Shanhe Group Investment Co., Ltd. with anearly stage investment of USD 11 million. Located in Wanli Bonded Zone andcovering an area of 23,000 sq. m., it will display shop fronts and warehousingfacilities. After the project is completed, cross-border e-commerce commoditydisplay, sales, warehousing and logistics, supply chain service will be carriedout by means of the “online platform, offline park”. Simultaneously, costumes,makeups and other cross-border commodities comparable with international majorbrands in respect of quality at lower prices will be made available toconsumers in OEM mode. Further, it will give play to the tie role of theinformation sharing service system and internationalized intelligent logistics warehousingsystem to achieve the integration of commodity, logistic, information flows tofurther improve the construction and development level of the comprehensivebonded zone.

OnAug. 18, the Construction Plan for Special Sectionof Dalian Free Trade Area forIndustrial Innovation was officially released and put into practice. The 15 enterprisesof innovation and startup type enjoying substantial policy fostering promotescientificand technological achievement industrialization, improve the overall efficiencyof the innovation chain and promote high-quality development through high-levelinstitutional innovation. Since the release of thatplan, there have been morethan 30 key projects in such industries as new energy, life and health, digitalinformation, advanced equipment manufacturing entering into contract, with atotal investment nearly RMB 20 billion yuan. Recently, the zone has formulated multipleauxiliarydocuments, including innovation policy evaluation methods, implementation rulesfor innovation carrier subsidizing funds, to ensure that various support andincentive measures are implemented in place.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to give play to the "first go andfirst try" advantage, hold the philosophy of innovative development,adhere to government guiding, enterprise leading, multi-party participation formutual benefit and co-win, focus on the focalfields and key links of industrialinnovation, launch continuously a series of "extraordinary" workmeasures, vigorously foster strategic emerging industries, strengthen the in-depthintegration of production, education, research and application, forge afirst-class business environment, promote the Special Sectionfor IndustrialInnovation to open at a high starting point, be constructed to a highstandardand develop with a highquality, and build a new development pattern led by high-level industrial innovation and supported by new and hightechnologies.