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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Initiated Vehicle Hydrogen Bottle Arrival Supervision and Inspection Mechanism to Escort for the Upcoming “Green Olympic Games” in Beijing

Recently,special equipment arrival supervision and inspection to a total of 420 importedhydrogen bottles of 3 types for vehicles was completed in the automobile terminalof Dalian Free Trade Area under the promotion of the "arrivalsupervisionand inspection mechanism for hydrogen bottles for vehicles" created byDalianFree Trade Area. As reported, the 140 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on which thisbatch of hydrogen bottled is installedwere produced by Japan Toyota MotorCorporation and will serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It is an importantmeasure to realize the philosophy of holding green and low-carbon Olympic Gamesand promote the demonstration and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Inaccordance with the relevant regulations, the manufacturers of foreign specialequipment intending to enter into the domestic market at present must obtain aspecial equipment manufacturing license issued by the state generaladministration of market, and the manufacturing process is generally subject toglobal supervision and inspection by a joint supervision and inspection groupsent to the site of the foreign manufacturer by the supervision department inthe place where the same is used, with entry allowed only if such supervisionand inspection is satisfactorily made with a certificate issued.

Thesupervision and inspection to the hydrogen bottles installed on importedcomplete vehicles has been made for the first time domestically. Toyota MotorCorporation, through a comprehensive evaluation, selected Dalian port tocomplete the supervision and inspection to complete vehicle import and hydrogenbottles arriving at the port. To ensure the whole supervision and inspectionprocess to be strict and up to standard, the procedure to be concise and efficient,save the time of and provide convenience to enterprises, Dalian Free Trade Area,uniting with the Boiler& Pressure Container Inspection & Testing InstituteCo., Ltd. of Dalian Inspection and Test Certification Group, has had the specialequipment performance supervision and inspection process comprehensivelyoptimized and innovated to initiate the “mechanism for supervision andinspection to vehicle hydrogen bottles arriving at port” and make real-time andonlinesupervision and inspection to the whole manufacturing process of importedhydrogen bottles for vehicles through the “Internet plus” technology, on basisof which macro inspection and review to relevantinspection information isimplemented. The creation of the “mechanism for supervision and inspection tovehicle hydrogen bottles arriving at port”provides learnable experience forcarrying out supervision and inspection to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles arrivingat port over the country. This mechanism both saves the import time cost ofenterprises and ensures the supervision and inspection process to be efficientand up to standard, which provides a guarantee and opens a channel for thetimely entry of that batch of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Hydrogenenergy is the direction of future development. Next, Dalian Free Trade Areawill focus on the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and vehicle hydrogen bottleinspection and testing business to further develop new technologies, build new capabilities, optimize new processes, and provide supportand help to attract more advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to arrive forsupervision and inspection, so as totake active actions to promote the highquality development of the hydrogen energy industry in Dalian and even in thewhole country.