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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched a New Mode for Grassroots Market Supervision System and Governance Capability Standardization Construction

Thegrass-roots level is the foundation and focus of social governance, and themodernization of grass-roots governance is something availablein themodernization of the governance system and governance capability of a nation.In order to promote the modernization of the grassroots market supervisionsystem and governance capability, Dalian Free Trade Area, in actively constructinga systematic, scientific, standardized and effective system in accordance withthe requirements of legalization, specialization and standardization, has introduceda new mechanism for the grassroots market supervision system and governancecapability standardization construction.

Thismode, as a working mechanism formed by gradually summarizing and standardizingin practicingthe supervision work, is aimedto comprehensively carry outhigh-quality supervision and fulfill supervision responsibilities, whichmainlyincludes:

        Listdevelopment for supervision and inspection 

Allthe policies, regulations and requirements of the superior on the supervisionwork are sorted into a supervision list, according towhich supervision andinspection is made to the market subject.

        Supervisionprocess standardization

Summarizethe effective experience and practices in the supervision work timely, standardizethe same in the form of standard and fix the supervision law enforcementprocess relatively, so as to realize the standardization of boththe supervisionprocess and supervision mode.

        Putsupervision records on file

Accordingto the requirements of traceability and reviewability forthe supervision work, thesupervision records are bound into books timely in accordance with such contentand order as "relevant document regulations + supervision work data + worksummary statement" to form closed-loop supervision materials for managementasfileand long preservation to achieve traceability and reviewability.

        Dodaily work in an inspection reception manner 

Inorder to maintain the best working state and the achievable highest workingstandard, all the supervision personnel are required to implement and exhibitevery piece of work they do likethat in receiving the supervision andinspection of the superior to ensure each work to be fine by making inspectionand random inspection from time to time.

        Normalizedrisk and hidden danger checking 

Insiston strengthening the responsibilities, paying attention to prevention tostrictly implement the responsibility system for hidden danger checking governance,establish and perfect a hidden danger checking governance system and normalizethework mechanism.The supervision work membersconduct hidden danger checking everyweek in combination with the specific supervision work, withthe experts from aprofessional organization as the third party and enterprise representativesinvited to a topic meeting for risk and hidden danger checking andspecify atime limit for rectifying the risks and hidden dangers found in checking totruly nip it in the bud.

        Self-inspectthe duties for implementation 

Inorder to strengthen self-inspection, the supervision personnel are required tocarry out normalized self-examination and self-inspection to check whether thesupervision duties and work are fully implemented for the purpose ofself-perfection and self-improvement.

Theimplementation of this mode has effectively promoted thegrassroots supervisionsystem and governance capability standardization construction. By building a systematicand complete market supervision institutional system and improving theoperation mechanism of the supervision work, the grassroots supervision systemand governance capabilitystandardization construction is well promoted toguaranteestrongly the high-quality carrying out of the supervision work; effectively enhancethe pertinence, accuracy and standardization of supervision. At present, thework of supervision and inspection to food and drugs, special equipment andquality has been done according to relevant lists;withsuch national first twostandards as Supervision Specification forthe Fixed-point Cold Storage at the 1st Station and Epidemic Prevention Specification for the Personnel and Operationof the Fixed-point Cold Storage at the 1stStation introduced to standardizethe supervision to imported cold-chain food. According to this mode, thefixed-point cold storage carried out at the 1ststation for importedcold-chain food has been affirmed by the Joint Prevention and Control SupervisionGroup of The State Council and related supervision groups of the province andcity. At the same time, as a result of integratingself-supervision in dailywork through self-inspection to the implementation of responsibilities, theinitiative and enthusiasm of the supervision personnel to implement theirduties are effectively enhanced, with the awareness of taking the initiative totake responsibility intensified to lay a solid mentality foundation for carryingout high-quality supervision work and maintain a lasting power.

Next,no effort will be spared to explore the building of a grassroots marketsecurity supervision system, an intellectual property right creation andapplication protection system and a comprehensive supervision law enforcementsystem, constantly improve the quality and level of the grassroots market supervision,and make a positive contribution to enhancing the people's feelingofacquisition happiness and security.