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Promote Intelligent and Efficient New Service Build a New Pattern for Smart Tax Rebate

Inorder to further enhance the level of cross-border trade facilitation of Dalianand improve the export tax rebate efficiency for foreign trade enterprises,effectively alleviate the funding pressure, improve truly the satisfaction andacquisition feeling of enterprises, Dalian Free Trade Area, under the guidanceof Dalian Tax Service, has launched a series of innovation measures for "smarttaxrebate" service which is intelligent and efficient, favorable toenterprises and convenient to people, to provide a solution of Dalian for deepeningthe tax collection and management reform, optimize the cross-border businessenvironment.

       Main practices

       (I) Innovatively develop the “tax rebate doctor” to solve the difficult andpainful points in tax rebate declaration.

Inview that export tax rebate declaration data is wide in source, strong inlogic, complicated in checking and accounting, the export enterprises,especially those small and micro size ones which are weak in accountingability, low in declarationaccuracy, tend to be at a loss in face of variousdoubtful points in the process of declaration very easily.As a result of innovativelydeveloping the smart tax rebate itemsof the "tax rebate doctor", itis realized to retrieve and diagnosedoubtful points in tax rebate declarationautomatically forinstant interaction to provide online guidance to exportenterprises to solve personalized declaration problemsand improve the qualityand efficiency of export tax rebate declaration.

       (II) Develop the “digitalized conversion” function for paper documentinformation to realize “paperless” full coverage.

Asa “paperless” declaration pilot area for export tax rebate over the country, itmaintains a paperless declaration rate of over 90%. For the remaining specialcases without export rebate documents and electronic declaration information,the “digitalized conversion” function is developed to realize full coverage in “paperless”declarationfor export tax rebate, and further deepen the “non-contact type”“absencetolerant processing” mode.     

       (III) Develop and solicit the “functional package” for export tax rebate oninteractive platform to upgrade the new experience of MP tax rebate.

Theinteractive platform of Dalian for solicitation, since being put online in Jan.2021, has been holding the philosophy of giving priority to mobile users togive full play to the functions of such modules as intelligent handling processquestioning, cloud tax hall on the MP end to enhance the convenience andintelligentization of tax processing efficiently. To further expand theplatform application effect, the “functional package” for export tax rebate hasbeen developed innovatively to incorporate relevant export tax rebate businessfunctions in the solicitation interactive platform and allow the exportenterprises in Dalian Free Trade Area to go first to experience the newchanges, new experience of mobile tax rebate.         

       (IV) Innovate the service of inquiry for suppliers’ publicized information,better safeguard the legal rights and interests of export enterprises.

Focuson the refining of the tax rebate service, actively explore the right andinterest service, and innovatively launch the service function of inquiry for suppliers’publicized information. Under the premise of strict protection of informationsecurity and trade secrets, integrate the litigation information,faith-breakinginformation, etc. disclosed to the social public through the official channels ofcourts, customs and the Ministry of Commerce to provide one-stop and convenientinquiry service for export enterprises to help them identify suppliers andbetter protect their rights and interests.

       Practical effect

The"smart tax rebate" service measureinnovatively launched hastrulyimproved the effectiveness, convenience and fineness of export enterprises' taxrebate business. The "tax rebatedoctor" resolves all the doubtful pointsin tax rebate declaration forexport enterprises to realize a reduction inburden, an improvement in quality andan increaseinthe efficiency fordeclaration. Through the organic combination of refined policy guidance andfacilitated system operation, the difficult and painful points of exportenterprises in tax rebate declaration process are truly resolved to help themenjoy tax rebate policies directly and quickly. The "digitalizedconversion" of paper documents and the "functional package" forexport tax rebateon the interactive platform further promotes the digitalizedtransformation of export tax rebate service, improves the tax rebateprocessingform, reduces the tax processing burden of export enterprises, improves theconvenience of tax rebate processing, and promotes the tax rebate service tobecome more intelligent and efficient.

Theimplementation of a series of service measures has resulted ina positiveeffect, with the one-time tax rebate declaration accuracy of the exportenterprises inDalian Free Trade Areareaching 94%, and the average time takenfor the declaration process being 1.02h/time, the average tax rebate schedulebeing3 working days, paper information submission cut by nearly thirty percent, theexport tax rebate service satisfaction increasing to a level of over 98%,leading in the country and showing a strong power of guidance anddemonstration.

Next,we will continue to optimize the new service mode of "smart taxrebate" by taking the meeting of the development needs of export enterprisesand the resolving of their actual difficulties as a breakthrough. We willactively promote cross-department data sharing and further speed up the processingschedulein all linksof export tax rebate. We will strengthen the protection oftaxpayers' rights and interests, and clear the channels for effectivecollection of complaints, rapid response and timely feedback to help DalianFree Trade Area further stabilize foreign investment and foreign tradeunderthecondition of normalized epidemic prevention and control.