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The Innovation Case of Dalian Free Trade Area as Green Channel for Marine Pollutant Transportation Being Selected into “2020-2021 Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone System Innovation Top 10 Cases”

OnNov. 20, 2021, the 8thSUN Yat-sen University Free Trade ZoneHigh-end Forum was held in Nansha, Guangzhou. The forum this time, with a themeof "planning and promoting the high-quality development of pilot freetrade zones more vigorously", was attended by relevant domestic expertsand scholars in the field of research on pilot free trade zones, as well as therepresentatives from related pilot free trade zones in China. The conferencereleased the "2020-2021 Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone Development BlueBook" and "2020-2021 Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone System InnovationTop 10 Cases", of which the case of our Area as "Green Channel for Marine Pollutant Transportation" was selected.

Atthe award issuing ceremony, the organizer highly summarized the significance ofthe case as"Green Channel for Marine Pollutant Transportation"."Inthe context of international container freight rising, the marine pollutanttransportation costs are ever-increasing tomake a great impact on relatedindustries. In order to solve this problem, the 'Green Channel for Marine PollutantTransportation' has been innovatively launched to not only meet theinternational shipping rules for transporting dangerous goods, but also helpenterprises save costs."

This case as discovered by Dalian Free Trade Area and Dalian Maritime Bureau in the early surveywasofficially launched in Apr. 2021. The zinc gluconate, as the main product ofrelevant enterprise, belongs to category 9 marine pollutants, withan annualexport volume about 20 containers. Compared with ordinary goods, the time takenfor eachlogistic transportation increases by at least 2 to 3 days, and theannual export cost increases by about USD 25,000.00.In view of this situation, Dalian Free Trade Area took the lead in opening a "green channel for marinepollutant transportation" in China, aiming to help relevant enterprisesimport and export marine pollutants in the form of non-restricted goods to notonly meet the international shipping rules for dangerous goods transportation,guarantee thework safety of the port, but also help enterprisessave production and logistics costs. On basis of 3,000 TEUs of marinepollutants transported at Dayaowan Portin 2020, it is conservatively estimated that the economic costsamounting toUSD3.75 million can be saved for enterprises with logistics time being reduced byabout 6,000 natural days annually. The casewas later published on the official website of theState Council.

Inthe "top 10 cases" selection, related topic group of theComprehensive Free Trade Zone Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University,based on the principles of innovativeness, operability, fitness,localcharacteristics, etc., selected a total of10 excellentcases from such fivefields as trade facilitation, investment facilitation, financial management andservice innovation, change of government function and legalized environment.Yantai Zone’s"A New Mode for Bonded Processing of Imported Bulk Wines",Ningbo Zone’s"AnIntegrated Service Mode for Industrial Communities", FuzhouZone’s"Handling of Construction ProjectConstruction Permit by Phases",Xi'an Zone’s"A New Mode of Government Service as ‘Through-city Handling’",Daxing Airport Zone’s"Enhancing Government Service Efficiency by Applyingthe UrbanInformation Model Technology", Shanghai HarborNew Zone’s"One-timeForeign Debt RegistrationBusiness Pilot", YunnanPilot Free Trade  Zone’s "Forgingan Efficient and ConvenientCross-border AutomobileInsurance Service Mode", Nanjing Zone’s "‘DiversifiedCompound’ Joint Venture of Domestic and Foreign Law Firms", Nansha Zone’s "QuantitativeAssessment Mechanism forSocial Danger Examination and Arrest" wereselected into the "Top 10 Cases" synchronously.

The"2020-2021 Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone Development Blue Book",released by the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Research Institute of Sun Yat-senUniversity for the 6thconsecutive year, provides an in-depthinterpretation of the development of Chinese pilot free trade zonesin anall-round manner and from multiple angles. This year's blue book is dividedinto special topic compilation and regional compilation, witha Chinesepilot freetrade zone system innovation index report included for the first time. Inaddition to the release activities, the high-end forum this time also held anumber of activities, such as theme speeches, deans’ forum, group discussions, etc.