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The First National Set Going through Customs Smoothly! Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched a New Mode of Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Export Testing

Inorder to implement the strategic deployment of "carbon peak and carbonneutralization", Dalian Free Trade Area,in cooperation with DayaowanCustoms to give full play to the role of comprehensive bonded zone as an openplatform, has launched a new mode of hydrogen fuel cell system exportinspection to help realize the country's first hydrogen fuel cell H2Rex system toget on board at Dayaowan port for export. This is another important achievementmade byDalian Free Trade Areaby making full use of its institutional innovationadvantage to promote the development of hydrogen energy industry after thefirst national 140 imported hydrogen fuel cell vehicles made entry into thecustoms through the Free Trade Zone in China.

Thehydrogen fuel-cell system H2Rex produced by Dalian Toshiba Locomotive Electric EquipmentCo., Ltd. in the processing trade mode was a hydrogenproductdeveloped by Toshiba to lead in technology over the world, which is alsothe first time for Toshiba to authorize a Chinese factory to produce, to notonly havethe power generation efficiency raise to 52% - 55%, the comprehensiveenergy efficiency reached 95%, but also have the life reach the standard of 80,000hours. In generating power, H2Rex only discharges water without producing anycarbon dioxide. Modular combination can be made according to differentapplication scenarios.

Inthe past, due to the restriction of relevant safety supervision regulations, theperformance testing to this type of equipment had to be conducted outside thecomprehensive bonded zone. As the H2Rex system equipment is large in volume andinconvenient in handling, the test costs outside the zonearequite high, and itis expected to take at least 3 days before returning after leaving the zone.

Focusingon the enterprise concern, Dayaowan Customs has invited relevant technical expertsto set up a special work team to know in advance the system working principle, theoperation method of air tightness test and confirmthe safety of the testingsuppliesand methods, so that the H2Rex system can be tested in Dayaowan Comprehensive BondedZone to take only 4 hours, save time cost by 95% and equipment costsby about RMB5,000 yuan each. At the same time, Dayaowan Customs also provides such convenientmeasures as "online and offline" bilateral business consultationthrough the "Internet plus" measure, so as to know in advance theimport and export plans of enterprises during the epidemic periodcomprehensively, collect the difficult problems encountered by enterprises inthe declaration and other links, implement special ledger management, andrealize online business handling.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will deepen cooperation with the customs department,continue to give full play to the advantage of the open platform, adhere to the"double wheel drive" of institutional innovation and industrialinnovation, closely combine the construction of the Special Section for IndustrialInnovation with the high-level opening-up, high-quality development of thecomprehensive bonded zone, and constantly optimize the business environment ofthe port to accelerate the gathering of such strategic emerging industries ashydrogen energy, medicine, life and health, digital information, etc. andstrive to forgean upgraded version of the pilot free trade zone.