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9+X+Z Allowing Business Startup to be More Convenient

Inorder to further optimize the business environment and improve the convenienceof business start-up, Dalian Free Trade Area, relying on the legal person space,has launched the 9+X+Z business start-up service mode to includewater,electricity and gas in the start-up links for production and processingenterprises for the basic items for enterprise start-up to increase from 6 to9, and include X items related to enterprise licensing in the special enterprisestart-up zone for certificates and licenses to be issued at the same time and forZ items of services favoring enterprises to be directly available with oneclick.

The 9 links for accession:

Inthe enterprise establishment links, the business license can be quickly processedthrough a variety of ways, such as global electronization, free trade zoneadministrative confirmation system, etc., and then by logging in the legal personspace, the qualification of a subject can be confirmedthrough the enterpriseclaim link. At the same time, it is able to make an appointment forbank accountopening, make entity seals and electronic seals, apply for tax invoices, fulfillsocial security and public reserve fund registration, etc. and have theformalities for water, electricity and gas processed for production andprocessing enterprises. Duringprocessing, the basic information is acquired automaticallybythe system, with the individual information to be input by point selection. Asaresult, the processing of matters is simple and convenient at all links.

Xitems of permission for business:

Part of administrative permission records andmatters for which an informing commitment is made has been incorporated in theplatform to realize rapid business permissionafter accession. Up to now, 124 permissionshave been processed in this way.

Zitems of services benefiting enterprises:

On basis of strengthening the startup convenience,the service level is improvedcomprehensively. Anenterprise legal persontraining module is to be added in the legal person space, with bilingual videoinstructions being available for enterprise registration process and business-handlingguide, which can be played by pressing one button. The items of government-bankinginterconnection,bank services favoring and helping enterprisesare to beembedded in the service platform for direct availability with one click. Withthe help of a flexible authorization system, enterprises can realize one-buttonauthorization for seals and assistance.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will actively strive tointegrate with the globallyelectronized network to deepen the all-in-onenetwork function and have "one door, one network, one window" putinto practice for affairs in the zone to be processed therein.