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A Blockbuster Release! 15 Support and Reward Policies of Dalian Free Trade Area for Promoting the High-quality Development of Construction Sector, Construction Industry

OnDec. 9, Dalian Free Trade AreaManagement Commission and Dalian Municipal Bureauof Housing and Construction held a press conference to officially releasethe 15PolicyMeasures of Dalian Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone) forPromotingaHigh-qualityDevelopment of the Construction Sector and Construction Industry(Trial). These15-article policy measures arethe innovative initiatives developed andintroduced by Dalian Free Trade Area Management Commission in accordance withthe Implementation OpinionsonPromotingaHigh-quality Developmentof theConstruction Sector andConstruction Industry of Dalian under the guidanceof Dalian Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction, which are designed tofurther optimize the business environment, promote the transformation andupgrading of that industry, enhance the enterprise core competitiveness,achieve a high-quality development of the construction sector, constructionindustry and help our city realize the goal of exceeding RMB one trillion yuanin respect of GDP. This is also an important initiativeofDalian Free Trade Areainfully implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's importantinstruction on the construction of pilot free trade zones, earnestly implementingthe strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee, government as "promotinga high-quality development with a high-level institutional innovation" andthe spirit of the 13thDalian Party Congress.

The15 policy measures include five major aspects. The first isto support the constructionenterprises to grow bigger and stronger. Those construction enterprises newlyestablished or moving into the Area from outside will be rewarded according tothe economic contributions in the current year; any enterprise in the Areaachieving a special classfor comprehensive construction qualificationfor thefirst timewill receive a highest reward of RMB 10 million yuan; a maximumreward of RMB 3 million yuan will be given according to the enterprise annual businessincome and the amount of contract for out-port engineering construction project.For thoseengineering projects undertaken in the AreawinningLuban Award, ZhanTianyou Award, Dayu Award and other national awards, a reward of RMB 1 millionyuan will be given. The second is to attract and train constructionprofessionals.Enterprises are encouraged to apply for running a constructionindustrial development market platform in the free trade area to provide policyconsultation, market opening up, talent training and other services for the enterprisesin the Area; a support is given for establishing such industrial alliances ascoveringsurvey, consultation, design, research and development, production,construction and other institutions in the Area; the assembly-type constructionenterprises are encouraged to go into school-enterprise cooperation, a support isgiven to the social forces for setting up construction vocational and technicalschools,business skills and professionals training institutions, and thosenewly established schools and training institutions will receive a reward fromthe Free Trade Area Management Commission according to their economiccontributions and total amount of investment in the fixed assets; thesenior managerialpersonnel of those construction enterprises newly established or moving intothe Area and related personnel of survey, design, engineering consultation andother technology-intensive enterprises will receivea reward according to theirannual economic contributions. The third is to increase the financial support.For those enterprises registered in our Area to undertake the financialinvestment projects in Dalian, it is intended to fully implement the bid(performance, construction quality, peasant worker wage) security paymentmethod of bank guarantee, insurance; for undertaking any project invested bythe Management Commission of the Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone), the same allowspayment of the above security with “letter of guarantee” instead of insurance.Thefourth is to support the technological innovation and green development of the constructionenterprises. For those projects with a social investment reaching the two-stargreen construction standard, a subsidy no more than RMB 20 million yuan will begiven; in case of adopting new materials and technologies for the exteriorwalls of prefabricated buildings,the increased horizontal projection area ofwalls, in relation to the traditional practices, is not included in the constructionalarea,any non-government investment project with an assembly rate exceeding themunicipal standard, a volumetric area reward no more than 3% will be given forthe project executed, or the real estate selling price kept on file will beraised;green building materials, equipment manufacturing, steel structure andbuilding parts and other prefabricated building production projects areencouraged to land in the Area to promote the development of greenprefabricated building industry chain; any socially invested constructionproject applying the BIM technology in the whole process will receive a maximumreward of RMB 2 millionyuan. The fifth is to provide quality services for the constructionenterprises registered in the Area. Theservicesofassistance and agency forhandlingare introduced into the qualification examination and approval, and aspecial team is organized to provide free services ofassistance and agency forhandlingin the whole process to take the initiative to solve the difficult,blocking, painful points encountered by enterprises in the process ofapplication; on the premise of "fully trusting enterprises and recognizingtheir honest operation", the main responsibility of enterprises in goingthrough the formalities for examination and approval is emphasized, with "7X24"uninterrupted examination and approval service being made available.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will, under the guidance of Dalian Municipal Bureau ofHousing and Construction, formulate relevant detailed rules for implementationand set up a special work team to ensure the 15 policy measures to be in place.At the same time, Dalian Free Trade Area will, in accordance with the unified deploymentof Dalian Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction and having the build of acomplete, efficient and coordinated whole industrial chain for the constructionsector and construction industrial clusters as the goal, give full play tofirst go and first tryadvantage of the free trade pilot zone to speed up thesystem integrated innovation of the construction field, create a first-classbusiness environment for the industrial development, continue to promote greenbuilding, prefabricated building, enhance the application of intelligentconstruction in all links of engineering construction, improve the constructionwork quality, promote the transformation and upgrading of the constructionindustry, erect a public information service platform to encourage enterprisesto "go out" to expand the markets outside the province and overseas,and forge "free trade building" and "Dalian building"brands withinternational competitiveness.