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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched the “Conditional Delivery-taking”Supervision Mode for Imported Grains

BeiliangPort in Dalian Free Trade Area, as an important grain wharf in Northeast Chinaintegrating the functions of transshipment, storage and futures delivery, is asite designated by the state to supervise imported grains, where around 3.5million tons of imported grains are being handed annually.

Toeffectively ensure the national food security, solve the difficult problems ofgrains being detained at port and tight raw material supply to productionenterprises, the Management Commission of Dalian Free Trade Area, jointlywithBeiliang Port Customs, has taken the lead to implement grain conditionaldelivery-taking supervision operation in the customs area by taking the reformof "two-section accession" as the cut-in point and in combinationwith theenterprise production requirements and the actual situation of the portsupervision zone.

Underthis mode, the customs, according to the application requirements of an enterprisefor importing grains, allows goods delivery-taking from the port aftercompleting whole ship sample taking and submission for inspectionunder thecondition that relevant conditions are met in review and there is no abnormalityduring on-site inspection,which can be processed and used by the same after thetesting results are issued. This measure flexibly extends the port function, makesit possible for cargo ships to dock, be subject to inspection, unload instantlyafter arriving at the port with delivery being able to be taken immediatelyafter unloading, the allocation and transportation time for each ship-timebeingreduced by 7 to 9 days, the berth utilization rate being improved by 8.3%, thesilo turnover efficiency being improved by 15%.

Atthe same time, in order to ensure the safety of imported grains,Beiliang Port Customsstrengthens the supervision to imported grains by using the "Imported GrainManagement System" to ensure the closed-loop management to the wholeprocess of raw grain allocation and transportation, production and disposal of thediscarded, strictly preventthe illegal flow of imported grains; actively carryout monitoring to foreign harmful organisms, and constantly improve thepertinence of port quarantine and the ability of prevention and control of thesame. According to statistics, since the implementation of this mode, BeiliangPort Customs has supervised a total of 45 imported bulk grain ship times,including supervision to 19 ships under conditional delivery-takingwith 1.14million tons.

Thismeasure is also one of the achievements launched this year afterDalian FreeTrade Area, BeiliangPort Customs and Beiliang Company signed the StrategicCooperation Memorandum on Accelerating the Construction of a Northeast AsianGrain Hub Port.

Next,the Management Commission of Dalian Free Trade Area will cooperate withBeiliang Port Customs to actively boost the development of Beiliang Port,promote the construction of a Northeast Asiangrain hub port and jointly drivethe safe development of the imported grain supply chain and industrial chain toensure the people's livelihood and economic development with full efforts.