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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched the New “5G+AR” Intelligent Supervision Mode for Food Production and Processingaving Launched the New “5G+AR” Intelligent Supervision Mode for Food Production and Processing

"Hi,we are the staff of the Market Supervision Bureau of Dalian Free Trade Area.Now we are inspecting the food processing workshop of your factory. Please wearsmart glasses properly and we are sendinga checklist for this time to the smartglasses screen. Please check and accept. Thank you for your cooperation.”Recently,the market supervision staff of Dalian Free Trade Area have completeda surpriseinspection to a food production and processing enterprise through the new “5G+AR”intelligent supervision mode for the first time.

Foodsafety is of great importance due to being directly related to the people'shealth and life safety. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of thesafety risks in food production and processing under the background of normalizedprevention and control of COVID-19, Dalian Free Trade Area, by deep-ploughingin respect of "cloud series" intelligent supervision innovation, haslaunched the new mode of "5G+AR" intelligent supervision to foodproduction and processing. Through "remote and non-contact" remoteinspection, this model will promote the full combination of enterprises takingtheir main responsibilitiesandrelevant industrial departments strengthening their supervision responsibilities to betterrealize "the fulfillment of double responsibilities in oneinspection". At the same time, with the aid of the AR intelligentauxiliary technology, such important informationas inspection points, laws andregulations, etc. can be synchronously retrieved and viewed on the large screenof the command center and AR glasses to improve the rigor, scientificalness andtimeliness of supervision and inspection. The application of this mode realizesthe real-time monitoring and normal supervision tothe production and processingprocess of enterprises, and effectively improves the technological, informatizationand intelligentization level of food safety supervision.

Basedon the 5G and augmented reality (AR) technologies, the mode comprehensively appliessuchcutting-edge technologies as Internet of Things, cloud computing, facerecognition, object recognition, etc. and relies on thesmart glasses of a newgeneration to display the enterprise production scenes in a 3D manner. In theapplication, the enterprise staff wear the smart glasses to inspect the workpoints one by one, make a stereoscopic inspection to those key areas, key productionlinks according to such instructions as audio, graphic information, etc. from thesupervising staff in the command center,and at the same time transmitrelevant audio,video data, photograph and transmit file data according to relevant requirementsto complete the remote, full time and space, non-contact real-time inspectionand supervision.

Thenew smart supervision mode of "5G+AR" is of multiple significance tothe supervision of food production and processing enterprises, especiallyimported cold-chain food production and processing enterprises, under thebackground of COVID-19 normalization. First, it can eliminate the blind spot ofsupervision. Through real-time and constant fine supervision, supervisors canclearly understand and master the enterprise production site, especially thekey areas and key links of standardized operation; Second, it can improve theeffectiveness of supervision and effectively solve the problems of "heavyworkload, few personnel, tight time, administrative costs, protection costs,high transportation costs" and so on. Third, it can save the inspectioncost of enterprises and better practice the new supervision concept of"nothing to worry about" and "all the time"; Fourth, wewill give full play to the advantages of comprehensive regulatory systems andmechanisms to ensure that all areas of market supervision are inspected jointlyat the front desk and handled separately at the back desk. Through visualinformation transmission, to realize the hidden dangers found "rectification,education", all of these for the information age of the market supervisionwork to provide a useful exploration.

Thenew intelligent supervision mode of "5G+AR" is of multiplesignificance to the supervision of the food production and processingenterprises, especially the imported cold-chain food production and processingenterprises, under the background of normalized prevention and control of COVID-19.Firstly, it can eliminate blind spots of supervision. Through real-time,constant and refined supervision, the supervising staff can clearly know andmaster enterprise production site, especially those key areas, key links inrespect of standardized operation; secondly, it can improve the time efficiencyof supervision, effectively solve such problems as "being heavy in workload,few in personnel, tight in time, high in administrative, protection,transportation costs", etc.;thirdly, it can save the inspection reception costsof enterprises and better put into practice the new supervision philosophyas"no disturb for nothing" and "being present at all times"; fourthly,it is able to give full play to the advantage of the comprehensive regulatorysystem and mechanism to enable“joint inspection at front, handle separately atthe back” in various market supervision fields. Through visual informationtransmission, it is able to realize “rectifying the hidden dangers found whileeducating”, and all these provide a useful explorationfor the marketsupervision work in the information age.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will actively exploreimported cold-chain food, safeproduction, special equipment and other supervision fields, and promote intelligentsupervision to enable the supervision work by applying such advancedtechnologies as object recognition, etc., drive the intelligentized, refinedsupervision and real-time, dynamic supervision by constantly using the informatizationtechnology, intensify the joint action with such functional units as customs,port management, etc. in combination with the local characteristics toeffectively improve the effect of supervision, and drivethe modernization of the grass-roots comprehensive supervision governing systemand governing abilityin a constant manner.