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The First Cooperative Notarial Office in Dalian Having Been Established in Dalian Free Trade Area

OnJan. 14, 2022, Dalian FayuanNotarial Office, as the first cooperative notarialoffice in Dalian, was established in Dalian Free Trade Areaunder the approvalof the Department of Justice of Liaoning Province. This is a specific measuretaken by the provincial Department of Justice and the Municipal Bureau ofJustice to deepen the reform of the notarial system and mechanism and serve inan in-depth mannerfor the free trade zone to construct and develop. Also as anexploration practice of the Area to speed up the legal service system constructionand forge a law-based business environmentwith full efforts, it plays apositive role in serving and ensuring the enterprises in the Area to develophealthily and rapidly.

FayuanNotarial Office will be based on service for the upgraded construction of thefree trade zone and adhere to the notarialwork philosophyas "lawfulness,faithfulness, integrity, truthfulness" to actively develop new notarialbusinesses on basis of the traditional ones, expandthe “core business” sectorfocusing mainly onthe financial comprehensive legal service, the “characteristicbusiness sector” focusing mainly on the comprehensive intellectual propertylegal service and the "basic business sector" focusing mainly on thepeople's livelihood safeguard and housework comprehensive legal service toprovide professional, accurate notarial legal service for various enterprisesand institutions,the main business bodies and people masses in the zone.Relying on such information technologies as block chain, big data, etc., FayuanNotarial Office will erectan online notarization acceptance video platform characterizedby "zero running errands" and zero contact to achieve 365-day 24-houruninterrupted service and “instant handling and issuing” for simplenotarization,effectively accomplish “let data run morethanthe masses” and reducecrowd gathering and contact in the epidemic situation.

Thezone will promote Fayuan Notarial Office to speed up notarial service modeinnovation, constantly improve the quality and level of notarial service, forgeacharacteristic notarial service brand, and provide notarial service of betterquality and higher efficiency for the expansion and high-quality development ofthe enterprises in the zone.

WangJiufei, Deputy Party Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Chief of the ManagementCommission of the Area,Xu Ying, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director ofthe Municipal Bureau of Justice, Sun Jinghai, Chief of Fayuan Notarial Office,Dalian, Liaoning Province, Zhao Yinghu, Directorof the 2ndBureau of theArea for System Innovation and Enterprise Service, etc. unveiled for thenotarial office, with more than 20 people from the Municipal Bureau of Justice,the Municipal Mediation Association, etc. attending the unveiling ceremony.