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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Innovatively Launched the New Mode of “Palm Cloud Archive Checking”

GeneralSecretaryXi Jinping pointed out that "archival work is very important. Without it,no experience could be summarized, no law could be recognized, no history couldbe continued, and no undertaking couldbe developed". Dalian Free TradeArea, by being based on servingthe enterprises, focusing on suchpainful andblocking points as enterprise engineering archives "being difficult toconsult,burdensome due to having torun errands a lot,mixed in file", hasinnovatively launched the "palm cloud archive checking system under theline of thinking of “Internet + government service" for archivesto be digitalized,mobile service to be provided, progress to be visualized, affairs handling tobecome convenient to constantly improve the affairs handling efficiency while effectivelyreducingpeople gathering under the situation of epidemic prevention and controlto effectively protect the interests of enterprises and enhance their sense ofgain.

        I.Main practice

Inthe past, enterprises needed to consult relevantarchive checking process byphone or in a face-to-face manner before going ahead, and had to carry relevantcertification materials to the spot for checking.In such circumstances as noarchiveexisting or materials being not standard, they had to "run moreerrands" tobe low in checking efficiency and consume a lot of energy atthe same time.

DalianFree Trade Area, through erecting a cloud archive checking platform,has thearchive handling process of enterprises and archivists highly integratedtoembed a system port in the Wechat public account of the Area.Both parties can connect to the cloud through mobile phone to complete archivechecking on the palm by sliding their fingertips, realizing "palm cloud archivechecking".

        01.Technologyenables archival data digitization

The Archive in the Area vigorously promotes theprocess of archive digitization. So far, more than 1 million pages of archiveshave been digitized and stored in a management system to realize"one-click query", "just standing to wait for it". Throughthe "palm cloud archive checking" system, the whole process of applicationinformation submission by enterprises and examination and approval feedbackfrom archivist s is digitized tolet "data run errands a lot".

        02.Full-timeresponse, providingmobile archive service

The "palm cloud archive checking"system integratesan examination and approval function on the mobile office platform forthe archiviststo use their mobile phones to review and process anytime and anywhere,realizing "7×24" full-time response. With the system havinga built-inintelligent reminder function, archivists will be informed to processautomatically after an application is submitted by enterprises; in passingreview or any information abnormality, relevant enterprise will receive ashortmessage reminder at the first time, realizing "zero delay" ininformation delivery.

        03.Real-timeupdating andprocessing progress visualization

The "palm cloud archive checking" systemsets up the nodes for the whole process such as application, review, acceptance,archive drawing, conclusion, etc. with each of which being marked in differentcolors to facilitate enterprises to know clearly the state of the current nodeand the process for the next step, the archivists can also master theprocessing progress of all matters to realize the archives service management"being apparent to the eye".

        04.Intelligentservice makes it more convenient for enterprises to handle affairs

The "palm cloud archive checking" system"canautomatically record historical data, so that an enterprise, after completingonechecking application, does not have to fill out the basic information again forrechecking. In addition, the Area, after careful risk analysis, makes a boldbreakthrough and innovation in respect of archive issuing, an enterprise can writedown its address for direct mailing to truly realize "checking athome", "no runningerrands".

        II.Effect in practice

        01.Improve the sense of gain of enterprises effectively

Atpresent, more than 150,000 pieces of archives and the 10% subsequent annualincremental archives in the archives realize the "palm cloud archivechecking".Withthe matters relating to enterprise early consultation, review feedback, archivedelivery running globally online, there has been a change from previous "runningmultiple times" to "zero running". The time required for thewhole checking process is shortened from 2-3 hours in the past to a few minutes.More than 2,000 piece-time of "palm cloud archive checking" are realizedevery year to effectively save the enterprise time cost of more than 5,000hours and greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise archive checking.

        02.Reduce people gatheringeffectively

"Palm cloud archive checking" realizes “zerocontact” between enterprises and archivists through global online processing,direct information mailing. During the epidemic period, some enterprises are unableto go to archive to check their archives due to isolation and control.Archivists instruct enterprises to use "palm cloud archive checking"by phone or in an online manner, and deliver archives to enterprises by mailingto meet their urgent needs to such a degree as being fully recognized by them.The “palm cloud archive checking” function solves the difficult problem that itis unable to go to the scene to check archives during the epidemic period, sothat we can truly feel the convenience of handling affairs in the Area."

        03.Improve management performance effectively

The"palm cloud archive checking" system records the application status,feedback and completioninformation for all archive checking to realizemanagement characterized by "there are traces left globally", "traceabilityat any time".An archivist can check the historicarchives they have dealtwith directly to avoid repeated archive checking.An archive manager cansupervise archive handling situation to promote high-quality service to betruly rendered,and also provide a highly practical, easy-to-copy solution for remotearchive checking scene erection.

        III.Line of thinking for next work

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will, aroundthearchival work requirements for the new era, speed up the digital transformationof archival resources and on the premise of risksbeing controllable, promote sharingand linkage in multiple aspects such asofficial document flow, archivemanagement, archive utilization, etc., strengthen the application of the new generationof information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, etc. inthe digital archive construction, further improve the service ability ofarchives to meet the needs of the enterprises and masses for archivalinformation, and achieve the “big effect” of enhancing the improvement in thesense of gain of both business environment and enterprises with the “smallpoint of contact” of improving the archival service efficiency.