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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Launched a New Accurate Service Mode for Intelligent Government

In the era of rapid digitaldevelopment, AI technology has become very mature and systematic, and theapplication level of artificial intelligence is also improving constantly.Compared with the traditional artificial customer service, intelligent customerservice robots can independently complete all regular and repetitive workalready, and are always online with a stable mood and a very low faulttolerance rate. Moreover, they can assume 70% artificial consultation work togreatly reduce the pressure of workmen.

Howto log in for global electronization? What materials are required for changingthebusiness scope? How to do simple cancellation? Calls as such were received manytimes each day. In order to bring more accurate service and more convenientcommunication experience to the workmen, Dalian Free Trade Area has put on linean intelligent interaction and self-help service system based on the AIknowledge library (hereinafter referred to as "intelligent customerservice system") to ensure consultationsto be "connectable and accuratelyanswerable". Such services as business consultation processing,affairshandling process query, etc. which could be completed by dialing a phone in thepast can now be settled by robots.

Youcan enter by following the public account for “the administrative service ofthe free trade zone” to enter the legal person's space and then clicking "intelligentcustomerservice". You can consult common business questions. If you want to knowwhat materials should be submitted for changingthe business scope? You caninput "business scope change", the customer service robot will givethe answerimmediately; for example, if you want to know where to download theapplication for company registration (filing), the customer service robot willautomatically give the download link; if your question cannot be solved, youcan click forartificial service and there are workmen online answering timely,you can also click on telephone dialing to get connected with the workmendirectly to solve all kinds of questions.

Intelligentservice robots give warm care

Theintelligent service robots provide intelligent services for those who come tohandle affairs by using voice recognition, semantic recognition, facerecognition, automatic navigation, active service and other technologies. Shecan not only answer relevant business questions, but also make variousinteractions with the workmen. For example, she takes the initiative to greetthe workmen every morning to leave you in a good mood for the whole day. It isa great pleasure to chat with her during waiting.

Intelligenttemperature control camerasbeing used for epidemic prevention and control

Duringnormalized epidemic prevention and control, proper temperature monitoring andcontrol at entrance and exit is the first barrier for epidemic prevention andcontrol. Intelligent temperature control cameras detect senselessly, give analarm automatically and lock in time to ensure the health and safety of bothcustomers and workmen.

Infuture, Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to strengthen digitalconstruction, improve the convenience brought by the age of science and technology,and forge a first-class business environment.