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Helping Dalian Air Open a New Air Route Dalian Free Trade Area Provides Service Actively for the RCEP Region to Interconnect

OnJan. 1 when the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) cameinto effect, Dalian Free Trade Areahelpedthe enterprises in the Area - Dalian AiropentheDalian-Hefei-Nanning air route to erect an aerial bridge linking Dalian as a NortheastAsian international shipping center and Nanning where China-ASEANExpo is held permanentlyto better servethe RCEP regionfor interconnection, vigorously enhance the levelat which the region opens up to the outside world and promote high-qualityeconomic development.

RCEPis a free trade agreement largest in world and formally signed by 10 ASEANcountries and such 15 countries as China, Japan, Korea, Australia and NewZealand. With the RCEP officially coming into force, the China-ASEAN strategicpartnership relationship will further create favorable conditions for thecomplementary development of the regional economy. That the demand for leisureand business travel and people-to-people exchanges in the region will growrapidly can also bring new opportunities to the civil aviation industry in theregion.

Nanning,as a comprehensive transportation hub connecting Southwest China to the oceangoingchannel, is a regional international city for RCEP to orient tothe ASEANcountries, while Dalian is an important window for RCEP to orient to Japan andKorea and connect Northeast Asia with the countries and regions along the “OneBelt and One Road”. The Dalian-Hefei-Nanning air route newly opened by DalianAir connects the two domestic cities adjacent to the RCEP member countries toform a two-way interaction mode of opening up between the northeast andsouthwest, which will better meet the demand for air transport service,accelerate the integrated development of the air transport industry, andenhance the competitiveness of the international aviation hub construction. Itis a concrete action of Dalian Air to support Dalian in constructinginto an"international aviation hub" and actively integrating into RCEP.

Itis reported that the aircraft put into service on the Dalian-Hefei-Nanningroute newly opened by Dalian Air is Boeing 737-800 aircraft withthe flightnumber being CA8965/6 and one flight every day. It takes off from Dalian at9:10 and arrives in Hefei at 11:05, leaves Hefei at 12:00and lands in Nanningat 14:40 every day;the return flight departs from Nanning at 15:45 and arrivesin Hefei at 18:00;it takes off from Hefei at 19:00 and arrives in Dalian at20:45every day.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to dosurvey and follow-up workafter RCEPis put into practice, and take comprehensive measures from policy guidance,enterprise service, etc. to help the enterprises fully enjoy relevant RCEPtariff preferences and various facilitation measures for place of origin, andexplore the market of the RCEP member countries; explore the first-go first-pilotinstitutional innovation in such fieldsas trade and investment facilitation,e-commerce, cross-border service trade, intellectual property protection, etc.,and strive to build the RCEP demonstration zone for industrial cooperation and theimport trade promotion and innovation demonstration zone;continue to deepen thecooperation with the RCEP member countries in multiple fields, including internationaltrade, shipping and logistics, modern finance, scientificand technological innovation, etc., and forgemore rapidly a new highland foropening up and cooperation in Northeast Asia that is convenient for trade, openfor service, free for investment, safe and efficient for supervision, andstrong for radiation and driving effect.