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14 Items of Innovation Experience of Dalian Free Trade Area Being Promoted over the Province to Spare no Efforts in Forging an Upgrade Version of the Pilot Free Trade Zone

Recently,Liaoning Provincial Government has printed and issued the Notice on Learningand Promoting the Reformand Innovation Experience of the 5th Groupof Pilot Free Trade Zones of (Liaoning) Chinafor the purpose of learning andpromoting the 35 items of pilot free trade zone innovation and reformexperience and practices over the province, of which there are 14 items from DalianFree Trade Area. This further shows the dragonhead role of Dalian Free TradeArea among the pilot free trade zones in Liaoning and has also injected newmomentum forforging the upgraded version of pilot free trade zones.

Inthe field of government function transformation

The"comprehensive certificate for business qualification" ofDalian FreeTrade Areahas all the enterprise related business qualifications integrate intoone certificate. The enterprises only need a business license and acomprehensive certificate to carry out production and business activities. Thismarksthat the reform pilot for “license and certificate separation” has made anew breakthrough and entered into a new stage.

Inthe field of trade facilitation

Theeight innovation achievements of Dalian Free Trade Area, including the "newmode of destination inspection to imported goods (cloud eye inspection)", the"green channel formarine pollutant transportation", "‘zero documentdelivery’ for frontier inspection", etc. were selected to highlight that underthe normalization of epidemic prevention,inspection, release and customsclearance without meeting each other have been realized by the “cloud” series innovationsfocusingon the actual problems of import and export enterprises to effectively improvethe level of cross-border trade facilitation under the new situation andfurther optimize the port business environment.

Inthe field of state-funded and state-owned enterprise reform and industrialtransformation and upgrading

Therewere 3 achievements of Dalian Free Trade Area, including "the mixed reformpromotingthe transformation and upgrading of manufacturing service","the innovation upgrading of the ‘mixed reform to the state-ownedenterprises’ like DetaiHoldings”, "themarketized sales and price reformand innovation for crude oil" selected to present the characteristicreform proposal of Dalian, form the characteristic experience of Dalian andprovide the new models of state-funded and state-owned enterprise reform for rejuvenatingthe old industrial base of Northeast China.

Inthe field of expanding the opening up to the outside world

"Thenew mode of land and marine transportation for commercial vehicles inNortheastAsia", "the system of notification commitment for port entryexamination and approval for ships sailing internationally" of Dalian FreeTrade Area have given full play to the unique opening-up and hub advantage of Dalianport to make an innovation in both mode and technology toenable the commercialvehicles of Japan transported by sea to the Central Asia in the past to resortto the transit sea and railway transportation throughDalian port to save morethan 50 days of transportation time.With a strong demonstration and drivingrole, that innovation will attract more goods from Japan and South Korea totransit through Dalian port tobe of great significance for Dalian to further improvethe opening-up and cooperation level of Northeast Asia and the energy level ofinternational shipping center of Northeast Asia.

Fromitsestablishment five years ago, Dalian Free Trade Area has always adhered to thecore development philosophy of "enterprise-oriented andinnovation-oriented", constantly promoted high-quality development withhigh-level institutional and industrial innovation, and effectively given full playto the role of "experimental field" for reform and opening up. Bynow, there have been 3 items selected as the pilot reform experience of theState Council, 2 items included in the best practice cases of the Ministry ofCommerce, and 76 items promoted over the province for learning.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will be based on the new stage of development to carry throughthe new development philosophy andserve the building of a new developmentpattern.With the institutional innovation as the core, the enterprise demands asthe guide, benchmarking the internationally advanced free ports andconstructing a domestic first-class free trade zone as the task, high-levelopening up and high-quality development as the goal, Dalian Free Trade Areawill constantly launch initiative, integrative and systematic innovation toseek progress steadily, strive to forge an upgraded version of pilot free tradezone, make more contributions inpromoting the construction of the "twoleading zones" in Dalian, the high-quality development of the coastal economicbelt of Liaoning, the rejuvenationof Northeast China and the building of a newnational development pattern.