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Looking Back on the 5th Anniversary(I) |Dalian Free Trade Area Having Handed a Gorgeous 5-year Transcript Since Hanging Plaque

The sea surges and flowers begin toblossom in Dalian in April.

Thememory of a city is always worth remembering at some specific moments, and thena new journey will start to continue to set sail with the wind and break thewaves.

OnApr. 10, 2017, Dalian Free Trade Areahanged plaque officially, with a plannedarea of 59.96 sq. km. and three special customs supervision zones under itsjurisdiction.

InSept. 2020, Dalian Free Trade Area took the lead in starting the statutoryinstitution reform in Liaoning Province.

InApr. 2021, that Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone and DayaowanComprehensive Bonded Zone officially passedthe acceptance of the state markedthatDalian had stepped into the era of "double comprehensive bondedzone".

InOct. 2021, Dalian Free Trade Area was appraised as the world's best free trade zonein2021 by the FDI Magazine of the Financial Times, U. K.

 Time flows into a monument like the sea

DalianFree Trade Area, as the sea and land multimodal transportation center in NortheastChina and an important hub of economic and trade contacts with Northeast Asiancountries, is a strategic highland of Dalian, Liaoning and even Northeast Chinafor opening up, and the core functional area of the international shippingcenter, international logistics center and international trade center of Dalianin Northeast Asia. Under the background of constructing domestic andinternational double circulation, Dalian Free Trade Areais making every effortto link up the opening-up frontier of international resources and undertakingomnidirectionallythehistorical task of regional revitalization.

The5 years of high quality development thanks to the political guidance and directionalpilot of Xi Jinping’sthought of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thanksto the scientific planning and careful deployment by the Provincial Party Committeeand Government, thanks to the careful guidance andfull support of the MunicipalParty Committee andGovernment, thanks to the specific leadership and continuoushelp of the Party Working Committee andManagement Commission of Jinpu NewDistrict. Underthe guarantee bythe work mechanism “the new districtcommands thethree districts into synergy”, the broad masses of the Area, establishing aconsciousness of answering paper to declare war on the institutional and mechanisticobstacles and release powers to the differential and characteristicexplorations,have handed a satisfactory paper living up to the age and expectations in termsof new energy burst from institution and mechanism, new kinetic energy releasefrom institutional innovation, new pattern of industrial innovation service,business environment becoming a new highland, etc.

Answeringthe “institutional reform” paper correctly to enrich a vivid article about “people”sufficiently

Atbottom, the statutory institution reform in system and mechanism is to write agood article about "people". A satisfactory paper can be handed only ifthe enthusiasm of people is mobilized by every means.

InSept. 2020, Dalian Free Trade Area took the lead to start the statutoryinstitution reform of the Areain Liaoning. It was the first functional zoneholding a mobilization meeting, completing the reform tasks within the timelimit, operating in accordance with the new system and mechanism and implementingthe new performance-based pay method in the city. Before the reform, DalianFree Trade Area (Bonded Bone) Management Commission had 16 departments, 5 parksand 3 sub-districts under its jurisdiction, with 306 staffs and 979 personsunder financial support. After the reform, the Management Commissionhas 10departments with 120 established posts, 5 parks withdrawn, 3 sub-districtsincorporatedintoJinpu New District, and the Management Commission of the Area no longerassumed social functions.

Thishigh-quality statutory institution reform test paper was destined to startextraordinarily.The cadres changed from "status management" to "postmanagement", the remunerations changed from "performance assessment"to "performance management", the personnel changed from"ordinary staff" to "professional talents", and the teamchanged from "personnel management by system" to "soul casting byculture".

Sincethe statutory institution reform, the Area has gained one institutionalinnovation achievement every week on average with no less than one key projectlanding or commencing construction. The activity of "people" has beenfully released in institutional innovation and business solicitation and investmentattraction. In the past five years, Dalian Free Trade Area has fulfilled atotal above-scale industrial output value RMB 364.1 billion yuan, with anaverage annual growth rate of 17.6%;the total amount of imports and exports RMB722.2 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 8%, and actually utilizedforeign funds US $4.96 billion.

Answeringthe “institutional innovation” paper correctly for accurate docking inbenefiting enterprises and relieving difficulties 

       Institutionalinnovation is the core task of the pilot free trade zones.   

InSept. 2020, the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee pointed out in aninvestigation in the free trade area that "high-level institutionalinnovation results are as important as high-quality development projects. It isimperative to focus on institutional innovation and strengthen the internalsupport to create conditions for constructinga free trade port, and become anopening-up highland and an innovation highland."

DalianFree Trade Area established the two professional organizations of bureau 1 andbureau 2 for institutional innovation and enterprise service, and organized aprofessional innovation team with the personnel accounting for 25% of the totalstaff. The mechanism for accurate docking of government and enterprises wasestablished to carry out such activities as enterprise salon, favorable forumfor enterprises, special knock-on-the-door interview, question-based outsideinvestigation, etc. to focuson seeking solutions for enterprise survival anddevelopment and provide industrial guidance. Byfollowing the principles of RCEPand CPTPP, docking with the well-known experts and high-end think tanks fromShanghai University of Finance and Economics, the Ministry of Commerce, etc., morethan 10 research topics such as drug and life health industrial planning,etc.were promotedin the Area.

Inthe past five years, the three cases of Dalian Free Trade Area, including the supervisioninnovation in "bonded mixed ores", "the supervision to the wholeprocess of entry grain quarantine" and "the intelligent declarationnavigation service forimport and export commodities",were selected by theState Council as the pilot reform experience. The "new path of mixed ownershipsystem reform of Bingshan Group" and the "new path of container terminalequity integration" were included in the best practice cases of the Ministryof Commerce.

In2021, among the 98 institutional innovation achievements introduced bythe Area,14 were replicated and promoted in the province, and 9 were published on theofficial website of the State Council. The institutional innovation index ofthe Arearanked14th among the 67 free trade zones nationally and 5th amongthe 21free trade zones of the third batch, and all the indexes of  investment liberalization, trade facilitationand government function transformation ranked 4th.

InMarch this year, Liaoning Provincial Government borrowed and promoted 35 itemsof reform and innovation experience and practices of the pilot free trade zoneswithin the province, of which 14 were contributed by Dalian Free Trade Area.This demonstrates the dragonhead role of Dalian Free Trade Area in the pilotfree trade zones in Liaoning.

Answeringthe “transformation and upgrading” paper correctly to highlight the advantageof the characteristic industries

Deepeningthe reform of state-funded and state-owned enterprises is a significant strategictask endowed by the State to the pilot free trade zones in Liaoning. DalianFree Trade Area, by implementing the “Three-year Action Plan for State-owned EnterpriseReform” and exploringthe capital advantagecomplementationunder multiple ownershipsystems, is promoting the optimization and function enlargement of state-ownedcapital allocation.

Throughreorganization, mixed reform, management innovation and scientific andtechnological innovation, Dalian CIMC Container Co., Ltd. made an averageannual net profit of RMB 62.36 million yuan in the past three years, with thebusiness income and profit growing by 60% and 45% respectively. By building “BinGoIndustrial Internet Cloud Platform” withthe "5G+AR" technology,BingshanGrouprealized digital transformation with the business income growing by 11%. Itestablished Northern Energy Company in cooperation with Sinopec to carry out suchinnovation modes as "ownership by others and operation by me", etc.,and explore a new path for the reform of state-owned assets and enterprisesin a"light asset mode".

Atthe same time of developing with a great effort such pillar industries as portand shipping logistics industrial cluster, automobile and auto part industrialcluster, advanced equipment manufacturing industrial cluster, electronicinformation industrial cluster, etc., Dalian Free Trade Area is also activelydocking with the "doublecarbon" strategyto construct a carbon neutralapplication scene demonstration base in cooperation with Sinopec, Guohua Group aroundthe development goal of "one port, one park, one zone";the Area tookthe lead in completing and operating two five-in-one comprehensive energyrefueling stations of "oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and service" andputon line 20 hydrogen fuel cell buses into operation;the first hydrogen energyindustrial park of Dalian was constructed by relying on Guochuang HydrogenEnergy, Mingyuan Technology, ChuangweiMotor and other backbone enterprises;cooperatedwith Dalian Inspection, Testing and Certification Group to construct thehydrogen energy product R&D and testing center and promote and improve thefull industrial chain layout for hydrogen energy.

Inimplementing at a high standard the development strategy of the coastaleconomic belt in Liaoning, the Area has introduced and implemented the “Planfor Constructing the Special Zone for Industrial Innovation” and 15 supportpolicies to forge focally an innovation highland for the industries of newenergy, life health, digital information and advanced equipment manufacturingto provide an important support for leading by radiationthe revitalizationdevelopment of Northeast China.

Thepace of constructinga pioneering demonstration zone of drug and life healthindustry was accelerated.An advanced laboratory for life science wasconstructed jointly by relying on Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics underChinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Medical University,Dalian University, Dalian Inspection and Testing Group and other famousuniversities and research institutes. A stem cell therapy application platformwas established to promote the transfer and demonstration application of thegenic cell therapy technology. The "Pioneering Demonstration Zone of Dalianfor Genic Cell Therapy" was co-constructed with Dalian Medical University,with cooperation made with Dalian University in the fields of medical devicesand medical testing to promote the construction of the VITUP Precise MedicalPark Project, and forge an internationally renowned and domestically leading drugand life health industrial cluster. A great effort will be made toconstruct apioneering demonstration zone ofdrug and life health industry completeinindustrial, policy, value and market chains by 2025 to lead the high-qualitydevelopment of the coastal economic belt of Liaoning.

By2021, the Area had signed contracts for such 50 key projects as Hualu DigitalEnergy Northern (Dalian) Industrial Base, Sinopec Xinxing Energy Hydrogen Production,etc., with a total investment of RMB 16.8 billion yuan. A total of 37 keyprojects above RMB 100 million each including Guochuang Hydrogen Energy, etc.landed, with a total investment of RMB 10.4 billion. 61 new projects, includingChuangweiMotor etc., commenced construction, with a total investment of RMB17.6 billion yuan.

Answering the “business environment”paper correctly for accelerated improvement in service level

Businessenvironment is an important part of environment development and a concentrated embodimentof the soft economic power and comprehensive competitiveness of a region.

Overthe past five years, Dalian Free Trade Areawith a firmly established consciousnessof being an enterprise partner and deeply implementing the service philosophyof "gold waiter", has effectively built a business highland of attractivenessto both far and near with an effect of returning like flowing water.

TheArea has fulfilled at a high qualitythe pilot task of full coverage of thelicense and certificate separationreform. It put on line the "legal personspace", initiatedthe conformity certification, and launched the first"comprehensive certificate for business qualification" with the"standardization pilot for one-window acceptance in thefull life cycle ofenterprises" approved by the State. The Area implementedvery simpleexamination and approval for market access, enterprise logon registration administrativeconfirmation system 3.0 and realized “instant issuing”of business license. The Arealaunched the country's first "government-banking all-in-one network"fordata to travel more frequently and enterprises to pay less visits.The Areaintroduced such innovative measures as "all-in-one measurement","multiple publicities in one", "handling of formalities for constructionby phases", etc.and had "commence construction immediately after gettingland" realized for projects.

The“Fifteen Policies and Measures for Promoting the High-quality Development ofthe Construction Industry (Trial)”was issued to promote the constructionenterprises to grow bigger and stronger and develop in a green manner. Theinnovation in approval forthe division transfer of Guangshen Mansion,a projectunder construction, was introduced in an advance go-and-trial manner toaccumulate implementation experience for the formulation of relevant realestate operation procedures. The Area took the lead in formulating the “Guideon Examination and Approval Procedures for Construction of Automotive HydrogenRefueling Stations” to promotethe "five-in-one" comprehensive energy refuelingstation of Sinopecto be put into rapid operation within 3 months.

Theinstitutional innovation of "maritime injunction" introduced with theMaritime Court jointly was compiled in the work report of the Supreme People'sCourt. Northeast Asia (Dalian) International Commercial Arbitration andMediation Center and Dalian Free Trade Area Commercial Dispute Mediation Centerhavelanded successively. The diversified dispute resolution mechanism has become compliantwith international practices more closely. The cooperation with the courts atthe two levels of city and zone and the maritime courthas been strengthened, with"four 1+N new legal service paths", "cold chain logisticsmaritime dispute resolution", "intelligent litigation service cloudmode", "two-court and two-tribunal" linkage and other innovativemeasures introduced to provide high-quality legal service guarantee  for enterprise development.

Thesound business environment has strongly promoted the accelerated landingof keyprojects and the accelerated gathering of market subjects. Since hanging plaque,the accumulated increase in domestic-funded enterprises in the Area is 41,000,5.5 times the figure before approval; the increase in foreign-fundedenterprises is 1,200, 2.83 times the figure before the approval. In 2021, the newlyregistered enterprises in the Area were 8,356, with a year-on-year growth of 15.41%.Of which, thenumber of domestic-funded enterprises were 8,205, with ayear-on-year growth of 15.29%; thenumber of foreign-funded enterprises was 151,with a year-on-year growthof22.76%.

The calm tide and favorable windurges people to set sail and advance

Infuture, Dalian Free Trade Area will follow the instruction requirement of theMunicipal Party Committee and Government for forging an upgraded version ofpilot free trade zone to keep on working hard to make new and greatercontributions to realizing the goal of "the GDP of Dalian exceeding onetrillion yuan in three years" and promoting the high-level openingup andhigh-quality development of Dalian, and welcome the 20thNational Congress ofthe Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.