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Launching aBlockbuster! Northern National Copyright Trading Center Having Taken the Lead in Completing the Online Trading for Income Right + Intellectual Property Right

NorthernNational Copyright Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the"copyright center"), an enterprise in Dalian Free Trade Area,surroundingthe main line as "driving by innovation, transforming and upgrading forhigh-quality integrated development", keeps on making innovations andbreakthroughs on the way to constructing a whole chain of comprehensive serviceand operation system for copyright and intellectual property right and forgingacomprehensive industrial service provider of “science and technology + culture +finance”.As a gift for the 5thanniversary of Dalian Free Trade Area,itlaunched the online trading system for its income right + intellectual propertyright, and took the lead in completing the online trading at the end of Mar.2022. As a result,a gap of the digital culture industry development in NortheastChina and even over the country was filled.

        I.Income right listing trading system

TheCopyright Center has integrated upstream and downstream copyright resources bycentering on the income right, produced or matched derivative digital contents,docked with the digital publishing service platform of Wuhan DigitalTransmission, and introducedthe publishing integration products of nationalpublishing houses for listing on the income right trading platform of NorthernNationalCopyright Trading Center. The center has forged a unified flow entrance in theform of book printing code, achievedmulti-dimensional income modesincoordination with the issuance of paper book for enhancing sales,such asthe "redlist task" reward, the income from payment by readers, the income from fundlisting or the guaranteed minimum incomefrom printing code, and completed theconstruction of the income right listing trading system.

Beingbased on listing the right to the income from the copyright digital contentresources for a certain period of time infuture can help the copyright ownersattaina scale income effect in the field of digital integration transformation, prepositionthefuture business income of the cooperative copyright parties from the copyrightdigital content resources to effectively avoid the marketizedoperationuncertainties and corresponding risks.Using the leverage of the copyrightfinance to achieve the rapid transformation of copyright value can help thecopyright owners to maximize their incomes. By now, the income right listing tradingsystem has had 1,500+subjects listed thereon, withthe listing amount exceedingRMB 10 million yuan.

        II.Intellectual property right online trading system

Accordingto the characteristics of intellectual property right and copyright tradingbusiness, the Copyright Center has made a detailed surveyto the market demandsandinnovatedthe R&D ideas to innovatively launch the national firsthigh-quality and efficient trading platform covering the three online modes ofintellectual property right listing, online price bid and information releaselisting.

Theintroduction of the online trading system for intellectual property rightswhich enables the intellectual property right owners to choose the trading modeindependently greatly improves the freedom and value of intellectual propertyright trading. In comparison with the previous mode of online browsing andoffline trading on the platform, the intellectual property right trading systemhas achieved a breakthrough in respect of online completion of the whole tradingprocess. The achieving of online communication, payment and deliverycertificate uploading saves the process of meeting with each other by the buyersand the sellers except for delivery and saves the time cost of comparison by users.At present, the platform,which has accumulated patent, trademark and copyrightresources for more than 1 million+, can provide targeted intellectual property rightprojects according to thedemands of usersto improve the successful tradingrate.

III.Realizing multifunctional comprehensive platform service to strive to establishan industrial benchmark

Withthe income right and trading system being officiallyreleased and put on line,the Copyright Center has become the only trading service organization in China withsuchthreemajor platforms ascopyright comprehensive management and trading serviceplatform, intellectual property right trading operation service platform and incomeright listing trading platform. In addition, the comprehensive realization of afull copyright service system from digital copyright planning, development,operation to listing tradingis a new breakthrough in the cultural field.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will support the deep ploughing of the intellectual propertyright field in cooperation with the Copyright Center and actively explore brandnew trading subjects. At the same time, a joint exploration will be made inbuilding a national standard value evaluation system forintellectual propertyrights, so as to solve such problems as being not unified in the intellectualproperty right operation knowledge within the industry, the incentive measuresfor enterprises, schools and research institutes needing to be refined, lookingup to achievement collection and down upon demand tapping, etc., establish an effectiveintellectual property right value evaluation system being recognized by moresubjects to promote the transfer of the intellectual property right value and drivethehigh-quality development of national intellectual property rights.