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“I Process for You as Required”, Dalian Free Trade Area Having Opened the “Process for You” Service Officially

The “process for you” service saves money and energy for me anda lot of processes as well. I must make a good comment on it as it is veryfriendly……” Ms. Wei said joyfully.   

Ms. Wei, who lives in Zhongshan District, Dalian, needed to gothrough residence application and incorporation registration in Dalian FreeTrade Area. For unfamiliarity and epidemic reasons, Ms. Wei was unable to go tothe hall for relevant formalities at the windows. Through the "process foryou" service, the personnel processing for you guided her to complete thewhole electronic operation through telephone and network.

Want to start a company? How do I name it? Where do I apply forit? What materials do I have to prepare? This is the problems most people may haveat the very beginning. They either spend money for help by an agency, or dial phonefor consultation again and again. With all the efforts, they may not be able tosucceed. The "process for you" service launched by Dalian Free TradeArea allows you to invest in Dalian Free Trade Area as easy as online shoppingand as comfortable as at home.

"Process for you" means "I'll process it as yourequire". If an enterprise has any demand, it only needs to approach usthrough "process for you", and then leave everything to our staff inthe whole process. This is another concrete measure of Dalian Free Trade Areato deepen the reform of "delegating power, streamlining government,optimizing service" and continuously improve the capacity of governmentservice, which focuses on "extending the content of service and expandingthe length of service".

How to approach us

       1. Wechat official account: Petitioners just need to search the officialaccount "Dalian Free Trade Area" on Wechat and select "I havesomething to go through", click "process for you".

       2. 88535035: Dial this number to approach the person responsible for answeringquestions directly.

        3. Portal: Just search on Baidu "DalianArea of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone" or "Dalian Free TradeArea" to enter the official website, click the "comprehensiveservice" module, and select "intelligent customer service" therein.

       How do we help you

       1. Intelligent information push and timely answering. Through systeminteraction, when any enterprise submits the "process for you"information, the system will immediately notify relevant personnel throughmobile phone. Meanwhile, it will push a short message to the petitioner, informthe person processing for you and his/her contact, and remind the enterprisethat there will be a special person to contact and answer your question soon.

       2. Extend the service time. The normal service time is 8-hour working duration.However, through the “process for you” system, you can submit information andthe persons processing for you will answer your questions by mobile phone anytime. The system will record the contents of answer timely.

       3. The matters involved in processing for you expand to all business matters.Through the entrance of processing for you, enterprises can not only consultdaily problems, but also have the business matters processed in the full lifecycle from enterprise registration access to enterprise business licensepermission and further to enterprise operation and withdrawal. This establishesa full-process and full-time maid service mode for enterprises.

       What about the effect

Since the Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval of DalianFree Trade Area launched the “process for you” service on Mar. 2, there havebeen 178 service items completed, which involve the contents in multipledirections, such as license application, policy consultation, online operation,etc. with unanimous good comments received from the service petitioners.    

       Three major advantages of “process for you”

       1. Reasonable work mode: As compared to the mode of telephone or onlinecustomer service in the past, the “process for you” service is not limited bybusy telephone or web line with each task assigned to the staff to solve thepetitions of market subjects on one-to-one basis; and with the strict auxiliarysystem for tracking and supervision at the same time, the time effect ofproblem solution can also be ensured.  

       2. Good manning: All the “process for you” service commissioners are assumed bythe workmen in charge of matter examination and approval, who know very wellabout the matters for administrative examination and approval in the zone andhave enough ability and knowledge reserve to deal with various issues. Theirwillingness and sense of responsibility to serve for the masses will alsodouble the efficiency.

       3. More comprehensive processing-for-you service: As the Free Trade Zoneundertakes a lot more provincial and municipal affairs, the "process foryou" service of the Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval ofthe Free Trade Zone can realize "one-stop service" more conveniently.In processing once for all the matters for multiple departments, the wholeprocessing period is reasonably straightened out to meet the demands of marketsubjects faster and better.

As a result of implementing “process for you”, a smoothcommunication channel has been erected for the examination and approvaldepartment and the market subjects to not only allow the former to serve forthe latter better in the “last kilometer” but also make it involved in “everykilometer” of enterprise processing links.  

Next, the Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval of DalianFree Trade Area will continue to improve a series of measures providingconvenience for citizens, such as "process for you", etc., seize the"chemical reaction" arising to forge an "upgraded version" ofbusiness environment optimization, have innovation landed and implemented indetails, and bring a real sense of gain to more market subjects.