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The Mode of Centralized Warehouse-in Inspection, Ex-warehouse Write-off by Batches for Bonded Crude Oil Having Been Put into Practice in Dalian Free Trade Area

A bonded crude oil warehouse refersto a warehouse established under the approval of the customs to provide bondedcrude oil warehousing and storage service specially. It not only creates a conditionof taking delivery of oil for nearby oil and gas chemical enterprises toeffectively alleviate the capital cost occupation time for importing crude oil byenterprises, but also provides a favorable condition for the nation to importcrude oil by taking advantage of low oil price window period. In the actualsupervision, the customs does on-site inspection and sampling when bonded crudeoil is brought into warehouse. The bonded crude oil of the same batch willtrigger the supervision and inspection instruction of the customs again, andthe ex-warehouse crude oil can be released only after passing the inspection lastingfor 3-4 days. The enterprises are faced with the issue of repeated in-and-out inspectionto bonded crude oil.

       Main practice

Under the support of Dalian Customs and the Free Trade Area, theCustoms of Beiliang Port, being oriented to problems, keeps optimizing thewarehouse in-and-out inspection supervision process for bonded crude oil at thesame time of ensuring close supervision, and has launched the supervision modeof “centralized warehouse-in inspection, ex-warehouse write-off by batches”.       

        1.Centralized warehouse-in inspection for bonded crude oil: When bonded crudeoil is put in warehouse, the customs makes an inspection to vectors/pests, labels/identificationsand weight, take samples for test, verify laboratory test reports. For thebonded crude oil satisfactory in inspection, a warehouse-in inspectionelectronic file database is established to keep the first inspection documents,laboratory test reports, etc. in a book established.

        2. Ex-warehouse write-off by batches for bonded crude oil: Bonded crude oilex-warehouse customs clearance triggers an inspection instruction again. Thecustoms checks the inspection instruction, verifies the warehouse-in batchinspection records corresponding to the ex-warehouse cargo according to thewarehouse-in inspection electronic file database for bonded crude oil. Foridentical inspection items, no repeated supervision such as sample-taking fortest, etc. is made, release if relevant customs clearance number for entry isindicated in the inspection records; if there is any new inspectioninstruction, release if satisfactory after the new inspection instruction isstrictly executed.             


Under this supervision mode, for those exempted from inspection forimplementing bonded ex-warehouse write-off by batches, the enterprises shallsubmit the required documents online according to their own needs withouthiring a third-party inspection agency, submitting paper documents forinspection on site, going to and from the customs inspection site, etc., fullyenjoying the policy dividend of "no on-site inspection".

1. Realize instant clearance, instant verification and instantrelease for cargoes of the same batch (without a new inspection instruction),that is, enterprises may apply for release any time according to their actualneeds. The clearance inspection time is reduced from 3-4 days in the past to 1hour, and the turnover efficiency of bonded crude oil storage tank is increasedby more than 10%.

2. The third-party testing agency costs, personnel on-siteassistance and other links are exempted for enterprises. Each batch can saveabout RMB 20,000 yuan for an enterprise, and the annual reduction is expectedto be nearly RMB 1 million yuan.

3. As a result of no repeated sample-taking for test, 12 testitems are reduced per batch to save an annual administrative cost of thecustoms for more than RMB 100,000 yuan.

Next, the Customs of Beiliang Port will continue to work with DalianFree Trade Area to give full play to the advantage of the pilot free trade zonein "first go and first try" policy, fully release the dividends ofreform beneficial to enterprises, ensure national energy security with fullefforts, and further promote the high-quality development of oil product trade.