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The Line of Dalian Free Trade Area for Export to America Having Had a New Brand of Volvo

On Apr. 21, the ro-ro ship “Tegra” docking in Dalian AutomobileTerminal set sail to America with 45 Volvo S90 commercial automobiles on board.From that date, the line of Dalian Free Trade Area for export to America had a newbrand of Volvo.

In recent years, Dalian Automobile Terminal has kept closecooperation with Volvo brand in logistics business, and successfully operated suchprojects as Volvo export from Europe, domestic north-south ro-ro watertransportation, etc. In Oct. 2021, Dalian Automobile Terminal, after joininghands with the international shipping company Wallenius Wilhelmsen to open thero-ro export line to America, actively drove the docking and matching of the internationalshipping space and the source of export goods, and successfully promoted thesettling of the business of Volvo brand export to America in Dalian. The launchingof this business has further expanded the in-depth cooperation between DalianAutomobile Terminal and Volvo brand in domestic and international, globallogistics fields.

Dalian Automobile Terminal of Liaogang Group is actively forgingthe northeast Asian transfer center for commercial automobiles surrounding theconstruction of “three hubs and four centers” closely. Since 2020, it hassucceeded in having the export base of BMW Brilliance settle in Dalian, openinga new sea and land transit channel for Japanese commercial automobiles and anAirbus ro-ro export line to America, promoting the construction of the exportbase of FAW Group in Dalian. With the project of Volvo export to America landingthis time, Dalian Automobile Terminal has realized a full coverage of theexport business of the major auto-makers in Northeast China, providing globalport logistics service for vast customers.

Next, Dalian Automobile Terminal will have the “two lines andone channel (the European line and American line, the new sea and land channel)”as core, constantly improve the internationalized service network for commercialautomobiles, and boost the goods “made in China” to go to the internationalmarket better. Dalian Free Trade Area will give full play to its distinctiveadvantage in port resources and policy function, surround the core task ofinstitutional innovation closely to constantly improve the port industrialchain service function, boost the auto-making enterprises to “go out” for anin-depth integration in the domestic and international double circulation.