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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Introduced the New Mode of Export Ship Loading Instruction “Cloud Processing”

In order to support the enterprises in Dalian Free Trade Area toexpand export, promote the construction of "a customs of wisdom, anintelligent border, a connection for smart enjoyment", drive the reformand innovation development of Dalian Free Trade Area and the optimization of theport business environment, Dayaowan Customs, aiming at the need for emergencyresponse in the final ship loading link in export goods customs clearance, activelypractices the three-dimensional supervision philosophy of zero contact, fullcoverage and full duration and has established an export release instructionintelligent emergency processing platform to achieve the new mode of exportship-loading instruction “cloud processing” of "independent application byenterprises, terminal information proofreading, instant review by customs, instantinstruction processing", and greatly improve the efficiency of enterprisecustoms clearance. At the same time, online processing in the whole process haseffectively reduced the epidemic spread risk as a result of submitting paperapplication on the spot frequently.

Through the export release instruction intelligent emergency processingplatform, the export enterprises can apply on web for emergency processing ofan export cargo ship loading instruction indoors. After receiving an onlineapplication, the customs department will have the abnormal release instructionreviewed and processed, and transmit and feedback the processing information ina real-time manner. The terminal documentation center will handle specifically afterreceiving the information.

In the past, when the terminal failed to receive an export cargoship loading instruction, it needed to contact relevant enterprise for customsdeclaration, bill of lading and other data information, and then send someoneto submit a paper application for abnormal export release instructionprocessing on the spot of business. The processing period was long to such anextent that normal ship loading and shipment of export goods was often affected.Under the new mode, electronized "second processing" and abnormal processingfor "second release" is realized to greatly improve the actualcustoms clearance efficiency of goods, save the customs clearance time forenterprises, reduces the customs clearance costs to truly let data travel moreand enterprises travel less. Since 2021, the possible comprehensive costs reducedfor enterprises have exceeded RMB 2 million yuan, with the smooth export ofgoods ensured and the risk of failure of loading and default avoided.

The new mode, on basis of ensuring “less contact, zero contact”of people with each other, has achieved an accurate, scientific and convenientsupervision to enterprise export, realized “zero delay, zero waiting, zerocontact”, reduced the epidemic prevention risks and played an active role in promoting stabilization of foreign tradeand foreign investment. 

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will, together with the customsdepartment, continue to adhere to being problem and demand-oriented, promote inan in-depth manner the systematized and integrated reform and innovation of"cloud series", constantly improve the level of trade facilitation,digitalization and intelligentization, and promote the high-quality developmentof Dalian Free Trade Area with the institutional innovationat a high level.