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Glance Back|The 30th Anniversary of Dalian Bonded Zone

In May 1992, Dalian Bonded Zone wasestablished under the approval ofthe State Council, being one of the earliestbonded zones in China. In this land with an area of less than 2 squarekilometers, a seed bearing the hope of opening up to the outside world came outfrom soil. Time flies, today, with the 30thanniversary of Dalian BondedZonecoming,I, the editor,would like to compile 30 major events in the past 30years to review together with you the growth and development of Dalian Bonded Zone.

       In May 1992

The State Council approved toestablish Dalian Bonded Zone and the former name “Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Zone”was changed into “Dalian Bonded Zone”.     

In May 1994

The Administration Regulations ofDalian Bonded Zone was approved in the 8th meeting of the StandingCommittee of Liaoning 8th People's Congress to become an importantlegal basis for guiding the planning and construction, economic development,etc. of Dalian Bonded Zone.

       In Nov. 1995

The operation of Dalian Bonded Zonein a closed area was realized. All the people and transport means coming in andout of the bonded zone through its gatewas subject to pass management, with thegoods and articles coming in and out being subject to the customs controlaccording to relevant regulations.

       In Nov. 1996

       The customs of Dalian Bonded Zone was opened officially.

       In Jan. 1997

Dalian IrisOhyama Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd., a Japanese solely-investedenterprise, was completed and put into production in the bonded zone and becamea typical enterprise representative fulfilling the bonded processing functionin Dalian Bonded Zone. 

       In May 1998

The bonded zone took the lead overthe city in integrating the office windows of the industrial and commercialbureau, local taxation bureau and statetax bureau in a hall to realize“one-stop”service.

       In Apr. 2000

       The State Council approved to establish the export processing zone of Dalian,Liaoning, marking the further improvement of the policy function of DalianBonded Zone.

       In May 2001

       The export processing zone of Dalian, Liaoning operated in a closed areaofficially after passing the acceptance by the State.

       In Sept. 2001

       Dalian Haier Industrial Park in the export processing zone commencedconstruction.

       In Aug. 2004

According to the document of theMunicipal Party Committee (Da Wei Ban Fa [2004] No. 20), the management scopeof Dalian Bonded Zone was expanded to Dagushan Peninsula.

In Nov. 2004

       As one of the seven pilots for zone and port linkage approved by the State Councilsucceeding Shanghai, the Logistics Park of Dalian Bonded Zone passed theacceptance of the State.

       In Jan. 2005

       The goods in 28 standard containers came from the Container Terminal ofDayaowan Port into the Logistics Park of Dalian Bonded Zone, marking theofficial operation thereof.

       In July2006

As Dalian Motor Terminal wasofficially put into operation, it played a role of “bridgehead” in promotingthe motor import and export business and the rapid development of the motorindustry in the northeastern region.     

       In Aug. 2006

The State Council officiallyapproved the establishment of Dayaowan Bonded Port Zone.

       In Dec. 2006

       Dalian Petroleum Exchange was unveiled, marking that Dalian Bonded Zone hadachieved an important result in the market cluster construction.

       In June2007

The phase I project of DalianDayaowan Bonded Port Zone passed acceptance successfully. On Aug. 20 of thesame year, it was officially opened for operation, becoming the second bondedport zone completed in the hinterland of China succeeding Shanghai.

       In Dec. 2007

Dalian Railway Container CentralStation commenced construction officially, which was the largest in China atthat time and simultaneously a central station of port type realizing the “stationbefore port” mode.      

       In July2009

Dalian Bonded Zone signed astrategic cooperation agreement with Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. for a complete carproject, which was the first complete car project in Dalian. On Sept. 28 of thesame year, the complete car project of Dalian Chery Automobile commenced constructionin the reclaimed sea area of Dayaowan.

       In Mar. 2010

The infrastructure work for DalianMotor Logistics Town commenced, marking that the construction thereof was comprehensivelylaunched.  

       In Nov. 2011

       Thecontract signing ceremony for the complete car project of Dongfeng Nissan washeld. This was the first motor brand settling in the bonded zone.              

       In Feb. 2012

The foundation stone was laid forthe project of Dalian Motor Logistics Town, marking a key step forward in themotor industrial base construction in Dalian Bonded Zone.  

       In Oct. 2013

       The first SUV model of Chery——Tiggo5 went off line in the complete carproduction base of Chery in Dalian. 

       In Oct. 2014

       The factory of Dongfeng Nissan in Dalian was put into production officially, andthe SUV complete cars of “New X-Trail” went off line.

       In Dec. 2016

The experimental school of NortheastNormal University in the bonded zone was unveiled, which was a key project ofthe people’s livelihoodin the bonded zone for deepening the fundamentaleducation reform and creating a strong education zone. 

       In Dec. 2016

The Bonded Zone Park of China(Dalian) Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Cross-border E-commerce was activated inPart A of the export processing zone. This was the only offline parkin thenortheastern region for cross-border e-commerce located in the special customssupervision zone. 

       In Apr. 2017

       China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area (Dalian Bonded Zone) hangedplate for establishment to endow this land with a new mission.

       In Jan.2019

The business of “bonded mixed oil, offshoredirect supply” was officially launched in Dalian Bonded Zone to stronglyboostthe construction of Dalian into an international shipping center and aninternational logistics center in Northeast Asia. 

       In Sept. 2020

Dalian Free Trade Area (BondedZone) took the lead in the northeastern region in fulfilling the statutoryinstitutional reform to establish a management mechanism that “cadres can beappointed and removed, personnel can flow in and out, and salary can beincreased and decreased”. 

       In Apr. 2021

       Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zonepassed acceptance, marking that Dalian had entered into an era of “doublecomprehensive bonded zone”.  

       In Oct. 2021

Dalian Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone)won third among the world's best free trade zonesin 2021 and champion in theAsia-Pacific Region as appraised bythe FDI Magazine of UK Financial Times. Thiswas the highest honor won by Dalian Bonded Zone since its establishment 30years ago. With the heavy trophies, Dalian Bonded Zone is setting out fullyequipped to write a new chapter of leading Northeast China todash out of theAsia-Pacific Region and step toward the world.