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The National First Order of Online Bid Transaction for the Chemical Product of Calcined Coke Having Landed in Dalian Free Trade Area

Recently, after constant pricebidding by 14 online buyers, the 120 tons of calcined coke produced by PetroChinaLiaoheOilfield Petrochemical Branch Company were successfully sold at an ideal price witha premium of RMB120 yuan per ton. This was the first online bid transactionrealized by Dalian Petroleum Exchange in Dalian Free Trade Areafor the chemicalproduct of calcined coke over the country. This move, whichhas further broadenedthe types of online transaction products in Dalian Petroleum Exchange, marks amajor breakthrough made by Liaohe Oilfield Company taking advantage of DalianPetroleum Exchange toforge the first online trading platform for petroleum andpetrochemical products in Northeast China.

In order to have the market play adecisive role in resources allocation to a greater degree and in a wider range,Dalian Petroleum Exchange has changed the previous calcined coke sales mode of"quantification, pricing and enterprise selection" to a new mode ofonline bidding sales within a certain range. This move,which has changed the traditionaloffline transaction mode of calcined coke, further reflects the nationalunified market principle of "high efficiency and standardization, faircompetition, full openness", creates product benefits maximally, forms anopen and market-oriented sales system, makes the commodity price get closer tothe nature of market demands, and truly embodies the decisive role of market inresources allocation.

In recent years, Dalian Free TradeArea has been constantly promoting the reform of oil and natural gas marketizationsystem, introduced relevant competitive support policies by establishingDalian InternationalEnergy Trading Center, integrated the port, storage and transportation, trade,refining,domestic and foreign market resources around Bohai Sea and in thenortheastern region in combination with the industrial, location, opening,innovation and talent advantages of the zone togradually forge it into aregional oil and gas pricing center, settlement center and information center.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Areawill startfrom the overall situation of constructingan international energy tradingcentertounitewith Dalian Petroleum Exchange,take advantage of the first-go andtry policy superiority of the free trade zone, grasp the opportunities, act initiativelytospeed up the market-oriented reform exploration in the field of oil and gas,further promote the high-quality development of the petrochemical tradeindustry, better servethe national energy strategy andboostthe construction of aunified national major market.