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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Introduced a New Mode to Enable “Zero Delay” Rapid Delivery-taking of Parallel Import Vehicles for Transfer

Due to high price fluctuation, the parallel import vehicle market has a high requirement for customs clearance time efficiency, convenient customs clearance directly affects the carrying out  of that business. To guarantee with full effort the import vehicle industry in Dalian Free Trade Area to increase the quality and enhance the efficiency, Dayaowan Customs, on basis of introducing such new supervision measures as the new mode of one-stop examination to parallel import vehicles, etc., has introduced in an innovative manner the new mode of "zero delay" rapid delivery-taking of parallel import vehicle for transfer. By optimizing the supervision process, all customs clearance formalities can be completed for transfer on the same day, which can greatly reduce the vehicle demurrage time and warehousing costs.

        Under the previous mode

After release by the customs, the parallel import vehicles in the port of Dalian will be transferred from the customs supervision area in the automobile terminal to Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone for storage. The whole period from release by customs to completing vehicle information entry by the terminal for vehicles in a large quantity took around two weeks, which was very long to not only affect the turnover efficiency of import vehicles, but also lead to additional warehousing costs.

        Under the new mode

The customs department, on the premise of confirming that the customs declaration form and delivery-taking formalities are all ready, opens the manual channel to handle the delivery-taking formalities for enterprises. By making risk assessments and simplifying the operation of vehicle-by-vehicle release information input, rapid delivery-taking by enterprises are facilitated. At the same time, an action is taken actively to coordinate for the site operation units, agents and warehousing enterprises to jointly negotiate the transfer plan, the departments of customs examination, checkpoint, etc. cooperate to help enterprises complete the transfer formalities on the same day. The supervision to the vehicles entering the zone is strengthened, with the consistency of the declaration information, transfer quantity and vehicle information being checked timely to ensure vehicles to arrive in the warehouse timely. 

Recently, the 540 parallel import vehicles worth more than RMB 73 million yuan imported in a large quantity for the first time this year have realized "zero delay" customs clearance in the port of Dalian. With the formalities for the whole customs process being completed on the same day, the time of vehicle demurrage was reduced and more than RMB 20,000 yuan of warehousing costs were saved for relevant enterprises. According to statistics, from January to May this year, Dayaowan Customs inspected and released more than 4,800 import vehicles of various kinds, with certificates newly obtained for parallel vehicles of 7 brands with 20 models.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will be further integrated into "One Belt One Road" docking with the RECP rules, focus on constructing Dalian into an international shipping center in Northeast Asia, be the first to seize the new port-side industrial development opportunity, improve the port logistics system for collection, distribution and transportation, support the customs to innovate the supervision mode, accurately formulate relevant industrial support policies, promote the parallel import vehicle industry of Dalian to develop and grow continuously.