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The First Case in Liaoning! “Simultaneous Issuing of Four Certificates” Having Come True for This Project in Dalian Free Trade Area

The land contract was signed at 10 a.m. on June 6, and the construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, construction project construction permit and real estate registration certificate were issued before 5 p.m. on the same day... The project of the energy-saving pump production base of Shuanglong Pump Industry covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters obtained the required certificates and commenced construction officially days ago. This refreshes again the examination and approval speed of Dalian Free Trade Area for "commencing construction immediately after getting land", marks the smooth fulfillment of the important pilot tasks in the Action Plan for Upgrading the Business Environment of Dalian (2022-2024) in the Area, and has also created a new record for simultaneous issuing of four certificates due to being the first case in Liaoning". 

Instruction in the whole process

Service in advance meets enterprise urgency

"A good business environment is the first choice for investment, signing a contract with Dalian Free Trade Area is just like setting wings for enterprise flying! From the siting stage, various cases of examination and approval are going on in parallel in the Planning and Construction Bureau, with special personnel arranged to follow up and give instructions in the whole process and a highest approval and examination speed created in the circumstance of one-month closing due to the epidemic!" Zhao Lijun, Chairman of Shuanglong Pump Industry Group, said, who felt very surprised at the efficient examination and approval and prior service of the Area when talking about the experience of participating in the provincial first case for "simultaneous issuing of four certificates". With the demands increasing in the pump market and the construction costs rising, enterprises are eager to commence work and expand production as early as possible, and the handling of construction project formalities is the most important and also the most complex link before enterprises are put into production. Based on the land transfer mechanism of listing with engineering scheme, the Planning and Construction Bureau provides technical instructions by intervening in the design link for conceptual drawings and construction drawings in advance at the stage of project siting; joins hands with the Tax Bureau of the Bonded Zone to forge a new mode of very simple land supply examination and approval service, and moves forward the investigation of real estate title registration and the calculation of relevant taxes and fees to the public listing period for completion; communicates sufficiently and cooperates closely with the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau to complete enterprise investment project filing on the day of confirming land transaction conclusion...... As a result of multiple prior service items are converted from a state of fragmentation to a state of integration, from "in series" to "in parallel", the speed of each examination and approval link is refreshed again and again. Finally, the requests of enterprise are fulfilled beyond expectations, with "simultaneous issuing of four certificates" within one working day after signing the land contract comes true. 

Long work results in good effect  

The upgrading of business environment is going far steadily

Reform is not something that can be accomplished in a day, the Area optimizes the business environment continually, with the engineering construction project examination and approval reform work being always prominent in Dalian. For more than one year when the legal institutional reform work has been carried out, the Planning and Construction Bureau of the Area has fully released the reform dividends, and made multiple business sections of planning, fire protection, civil air defense, quality and safety control, unified immovable registration, etc. work in coordination, with the sections in the same bureau having established a good grounding for internal collaboration, a "relay run" being changed to "a side-by-side run" and "the simultaneous issuing of three certificates" realized in the past year, that is, within 1 working day after signing the land transfer contract by an enterprise, the same can obtain the construction land planning permit, the construction project planning permit, the construction project construction permit (the document for opinions on commencing work). The sustained and continued examination and approval reform work has laid a solid foundation for the simultaneous issuing of four certificates this time. 

System integration  

A new breakthrough in system innovation work

Without the long-term efforts made in improving the business environment and further without the efforts made in system integration and system innovation work this year, the Area would not create the new record of "simultaneous issuing of four certificates" being the first case in the province. Compared with the previous breakthroughs in individual systems, the Planning and Construction Bureau of the Area, according to the requirements of system integration reform, pays much more attention to grasping the inner links and dialectical relationship among various system innovation achievements and coordinates as a whole such process optimization innovations as "transfer with a scheme", "multiple-in-one publicity", forecast of all land-related taxes and costs for tax and land linkage, letter in lieu of certificate for electricity use, provides such agency instruction innovations as project initiation agency, enterprise secretary system, etc., actively promotes such government procurement service innovations as all-in-one survey, construction drawing design document review, etc., combines organically the above innovation measures of three major categories and more than ten sub-items to avoid innovation achievement decentralization and fragmentation. It is intended to rely on the top-level design of the Action Plan for Upgrading the Business Environment of Dalian (2022-2024) and the reform dividend of efficient coordination within legal institutions to solve thoroughly the contradictory problem that project construction examination and approval formalities are positioned before each other to ensure that enterprises can fully enjoy the convenient services provided by the Area, and the original intention of benefiting enterprises through system innovation is achieved.

Next, the Area will earnestly summarize the pilot work experience in "commencing work immediately after getting land" this time in Dalian, and establish the standard practice for "simultaneous issuing of four certificates" that can be replicated and promoted. By starting from the point of enterprise satisfaction and demands for reform, more pioneering integrated and differentiated innovations are to be actively explored to serve more key industrial projects, so as to make a free trade contribution to Dalian in realizing the goal of "exceeding one trillion yuan in three years".