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Dalian Free Trade Area Pushed forward the New Mode of AI Patrol Supervision at Yard

In order to accelerate the pace ofintelligent port construction, Dalian Free Trade Area Economic Development Bureauand Dalian Jifananan International Logistics Co., Ltd. have jointly promotedthe intelligent management of yards to upgrade once more by giving full play tothe new generation of IT, which was the first to adopt the new mode ofdangerous goods AI patrol supervision in China.

        Undertraditional mode

The 24-hour manual patrol mode is used at yards on aregular basis, which is restricted by such factors as the physical conditions,testing capability, work experience of personnel, etc., and the patrolefficiency and risk early warning effect need to be further improved. 

The new mode of intelligent management

(I)Realizing the logistics status tracking throughout the process. By using theBeidou Satellite positioning, the accurate locations of production personnel,operation machineries at site can be got and grasped. By linking with the yarddata information system, the goods, facilities and equipment conditions at sitecan be acquired, thus the piling and storage areas for different kinds of goodscan be divided scientifically according to categories, and the container placementand trailer business can be arranged more reasonably.

(II)Applying AI intelligent patrol early warning. It was the first to apply theintelligent patrol robots to carry out automatic patrol around the clock,realizing 360-degree real-time monitoring. The infrared imaging and thermometrictechnique is used to make all-dimensional identification for the surfacetemperature of surrounding objects; the gas detection technique is used todetect volatile organic gas and poisonous on a real-time basis. When thesurface temperature of an object exceeds the early warning value or there isany gas leakage, alarm will be given automatically at once.

(III)Building big data information platform. By using the IOT technique, thepaperless operation system is built, so that the data in each module can beuploaded to the cloud automatically, and the dangerous goods data informationplatform of the port can be erected on basis of production and operation,client service, government supervision and external data.

Practice effect

(I) Improvingthe patrol efficiency. After the intelligent patrol was launched, the patrol,early warning and monitoring can be realized to the goods in the yard on afull-electronization, whole-chain and all-weather basis. In comparison with thepast, the patrol work quantity each day has been improved by 50% and the patrolefficiency has been raised by 50%.

(II)Improving the safety management level. By fully digging the information on bigdata platform, the emergency disposal can be completed punctually, and thethree-dimensional management and control system in combination with differentpoints, lines and aspects has been formed, thus making the risk early warningefficiency be obviously improved.

(III)Reducing the running costs for enterprises. After the big data platform was putonline, the enterprises have improved their container placement efficiency andsaved manual patrol and data summarization costs, with the annual averagecomprehensive costs being reduced by over RMB 1.1 million yuan.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to boost the improvement of digitalindustrialization level and industrial digitalization transformation andupgrade, focally propel technological and system innovation in intelligentmanufacture, intelligent service, intelligent supervision, etc., develop in anintegrated way, gradually optimize the business environment of the port andaccelerate the pace in building Dalian Northeast Asia International ShippingCenter.