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Dalian IRIS Living Articles Co., Ltd., an Enterprise in Dalian Free Trade Area, Becomes an Approved Exporter under the RCEP

Recently,Dalian IRIS Living Articles Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Dalian Free Trade Area,has successfully got the approval and become an approved exported under theRCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) after examination andrecognition by Dalian Customs.

Theapproved exporter system is one of the main highlights of the RCEP. To becomean approved exporter, it is necessary for an enterprise to meet with suchconditions as “belonging to an authorized economic operator of the customs,grasping the rules of origin under relevant preferential trade agreement andsetting up complete origin qualification document management regulations”, etc.Before becoming an approved exporter, an enterprisehas to submit theapplication information to the customs in case of processing the Certificate ofOrigin. After passing the examination by the customs, the enterprise can printthe Certificate of Origin in paper, which will come into effect after sealing.After becoming an approved exporter, the enterprise can issue the Declarationof Origin for goods by itself as the voucher to enjoy the preferential treatmentin the member country of import, which shall have the sameforce with theCertificate of Origin issued by the customs. This new mode has duplicate effecton the dividends brought by policies for authorized economic operators by thecustoms, and will be beneficial to further improve the competitiveness oninternational market. At present, among the free trade agreements implementedin China, such system has been adopted in the agreement concluded by andbetween China and Iceland, China and Switzerland, China and Mauritiusas well asthe RCEP.

Establishedin Sept. 2000 and located in Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone, DalianIRIS Living Articles Co., Ltd. is a large-sized Japanese enterprise in the freetrade area, which is mainly specialized in producing LED lighting products,household appliance, domestic appliance, sanitary articles and gardeningproducts, pet supplies, etc., with key trade clients in such countries andregions as Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and so on.

In orderto guide and assist key enterprises in the free trade area to skillfully usethe RCEP rules  and fully enjoy thedividends brought by the RCEP, relevant departments of the management committeeof the Area and the Tariff Division of Dalian Customs have jointly held aseries of interviews and informal discussions since the first ten-day period ofJune, and the first stop was Dalian IRIS Living Articles Co., Ltd., where theycarried out communications and discussions on enjoying the preferentialtreatment of the RCEP, applying for approved exporter and relevant customsbusiness needs, etc. together. That the enterprise has been accepted as anapproved exporter this time will further reduce the tariff and purchase costsof relevant enterprises in the supply chain.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to carry out the RCEP application trainingand lectures in several kinds of forms like enterprise salon, lecturesbenefiting the enterprises, joint investigation, etc. on a normalized mannerjointly with relevant departments of the customs, pertinently conduct trackingand investigation in key enterprises, provide personalized coaching accordingto the principle of “one policy  for oneenterprise”, assist the enterprises to better explore intentional market  by making use of the RCEP and promote thequality improvement and effect enhancement in terms of the foreign trade in theregion.