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Main policies of Dayao Bay Bonded Port Area
The bonded port may benefit from policies of free trade zone and export processing zone on tax revenue and exchange management.
1. Goods from outside the country shall be bonded after entering the bonded port.
2. Goods which are transported from bonded port to outside regions in China shall go through the procedures for customs declaration in accordance with relevant regulations on import goods, and duty shall be levied based on the actual situation of goods.
3. Goods which enter the bonded port from outside regions in China shall be regarded as exports, and procedures for tax rebates shall be handled. 
4. VAT and consumption tax shall not be levied on the exchange of goods between enterprises in the bonded port.
5. The following goods entering the bonded port from overseas shall be exempt from import tariff and import linkage tax, unless otherwise stated by laws and regulations: machinery and equipment used in productive infrastructure constructions, as well as construction materials for the construction of factory buildings and storage facilities within the bonded port; machineries, equipments, moulds, and its maintenance parts for the production of enterprises within the bonded port; a reasonable quantity of office supplies used by enterprises within the bonded port and administrative organs (excluding means of transport, consumer goods and so on).
6. Goods transported from the bonded port to overseas shall be exempt from import tariff, unless otherwise stated by laws and regulations.
7. The goods transferred between the bonded port and other special customs supervision zones, or bonded supervision area shall be exempt from import & export linkage tax.
8. Exchange management policies in the bonded port shall be subject to Administrative Measures on Foreign Exchange in Bonded Supervision Area executed on Oct. 1, 2007.