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The First Dalian-made Chery Car Rolled off the Assembly Line at DFTZ

Wang Min, Tang Jun, Zhou Zhongxuan, Li Wancai, Huai Zhongmin, Liu Junwen and Yin Tongyue attended the ceremony

   Yesterday morning, the first Dalian-made car, “Chery J26 Oriental Son”, rolled off the assembly line at DFTZ, symbolizing the beginning of the mass production of Dalian Chery Auto Manufacturing Base. This has unveiled the history of car production in Dalian, and realized the dream of generations of Dalian people, i.e. having cars made in their own city. Wang Min, Secretary of the CPC Liaoning Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning NPC; Tang Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and Secretary of the CPC Dalian Committee; Zhou Zhongxuan, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and Secretary-General of the CPC Liaoning Committee; Mayor Li Wancai; Huai Zhongmin, Director of the Dalian NPC Standing Committee; Liu Junwen, Chairman of Dalian CPPCC; Chen Jianguo, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Coordination of the NDRC; and Yin Tongyue, President of Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. (CAC) attended the off-line ceremony.  
   After 896 busy days of plant construction and equipment debugging, Dalian Chery Auto Manufacturing Base has started its mass production. At the ceremony yesterday, after the provincial and municipal leaders jointly pushed the actuating lever, a brand-new Chery car with independent intellectual property rights and targeting at both domestic and foreign markets rolled off the assembly line. This is an important step for DFTZ in developing the auto industry base in North China. The mass production of Chery cars will further extend and develop the industrial chains of auto logistics, exhibition, sales and maintenance. Once Chery, Huanghai and Dongfeng Nissan projects are put into full operation, the production capacity of DFTZ will reach about 850,000 cars, with the output value of about 200 billion Yuan. This will create 15,000 job opportunities and attract about 300 auto parts enterprises to DFTZ. 
It is learnt that as the first vehicle project with independent intellectual property rights in Dalian, Chery Dalian Plant was officially settled in DFTZ in September 2009, with the total investment of 4.7 billion Yuan. The Phase I main plant building was built from March 16, 2010 with the floor area of about 350,000 square meters, which will mainly undertake the production task of medium and high-end vehicles like Chery A16, T21 and S12, with the annual output of 200,000 cars. As the second Chery vehicle manufacturing base following that in Anhui, Chery Dalian Plant covers four production techniques of stamping, welding, coating and assembling, and owns the resin parts and chassis parts workshops, with main equipment reaching the world’s advanced level. Industrial robots are applied during the vehicle production process, enabling its automation to reach the most advanced level among all domestic auto plants. Besides, the third energy-saving and environment-friendly dry spraying production line in China has been put into use here, ensuring Chery cars to meet the environmental protection requirements during the entire production process. 
   As Vice-mayor Qu Xiaofei mentioned in his speech, Dalian has been maintaining a close relationship with auto industry, and playing a decisive role in national auto export strategy and new energy auto industry deployment. Presently, automobile and auto parts industry in Dalian has become one of the 8 key industrial clusters above 100 billion Yuan level, playing an important role in promoting the transformation of development modes and accelerating the industrial restructuring. We firmly believe that under the demonstration and promotion of CAC, auto industry in Dalian will boom soon and achieve the ambitious goal of annual output exceeding 100 billion Yuan as soon as possible. 
    As addressed by Lu Lin, Secretary of the DFTZ CPC Working Committee and Director of DFTZ Management Committee, DFTZ will grasp the opportunity of this vehicle off-line event, emphasize on promoting other vehicle projects to be initiated, completed and operated earlier, and endeavor to develop DFTZ into an important export-oriented vehicle base in North China targeting at new energy development. Yin Tongyue said that as Chery’s inshore production base, Chery Dalian Plant will play an important role in Chery’s strategies of car quality improvement and overseas business based on its advanced modern production lines. 
The leaders from Dalian Municipal Government (Li Jingrui, Wang Jigang, Zhang Shikun, Sun Shichao, Xu Guochen), Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Jinzhou New District (Xu Changyuan), and those former leaders (Bi Xizhen, Wei Fuhai, Bian Guosheng, Lin Qingmin) all attended the off-line ceremony. (Qu Donglin, Xiu Wei, reported by Liu Xing)