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Agricultural Output
  Agricultural production growth stayed steady with another bumper harvest. Its gross output value at present prices year-round totaled 52.04 billion yuan, up by 17 percent (up 9.1 percent if calculated at constant prices). Included in this total of 13.33 billion yuan is: forestry 460 million yuan, animal husbandry 15.45 billion yuan, fishery 18.32 billion yuan, and the service industry for agriculture, forestry and fishery which reached 4.49 billion yuan. Each was up by 14.1 percent, 13.2 percent, 24.5 percent, 16.3 percent and 5.8 percent respectively. The output values of five competitive industries, namely, aquaculture, animal husbandry, vegetable, fruit and flower, accounted for as high as 81.7 percent of this total.

Outputs of Agricultural, Husbandry and Fishery Products
  The total output of grains was 1614 thousand tons, down by 0.7 percent over the previous year, representing the second highest yield. Fruit output was 1320 thousand tons and vegetables 2644 thousand tons, increasing by 8.5 percent and 1.5 percent respectively. Both reached historical highs. The total output of meat, egg and dairy were 527 thousand tons, 242 thousand tons and 151 thousand tons, up by 21.1 percent, 20.3 percent and 16.4 percent respectively. The total output of local aquatic products was 2232 thousand tons, up 1.4 percent over the previous year. The outputs of sea cucumbers, short necked clams and patinopecten yessoensis were 31 thousand tons, 34.1 thousand tons and 20 thousand tons, up by 25.3 percent, 14.2 percent and 1.8 percent respectively.

  The area of reforestation reached 400 thousand mu, with 100 million trees planted: on the main coastal shelterbelt 50 thousand mu; on barren hills 50 thousand mu; for conservation of water supply 53 thousand mu; and for sand control and defense 30 thousand mu. As well, 892 km of roads and 425km of river banks were lined. Recovery of five mine vegetation areas was started. The reforestation rate of Dalian reached 42.99 percent and the rate of voluntary reforestation 80 percent.

Agricultural Construction
  The amount of direct subsidies to grain producers, for growing superior grain cultivars, and for agricultural machinery was 310 million yuan, presenting an increase of 45.3 percent over the previous year. 153 new varieties and technologies were introduced into Dalian and 73 of them were disseminated. The number of leading agricultural product-processing enterprises above designated size increased by 63 to total 595. 17 new enterprises were added to the list of leading agricultural enterprises of province level or above, making that total 65. There were 146 new farm professional cooperatives, making the total 828. Six provincial demonstration bases of modern agriculture were added, with the total now 56. 100 villages specializing in one product were newly developed. 75 newly-developed pollution-free agricultural products were certificated by the state, making a total of 295; 57 new kinds of green food were certificated, bringing the total to 224; 18 new kinds of organic food were certificated, making the total 58. Dalian's agricultural mechanization of cultivation and harvesting accounted for 55 percent, 2 percentage points more than that of the previous year. Four enterprises were honored with the title of National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Products Processing, among them Jinzhou District Shihe fruit processing base.

Water Conservancy Construction
  51 rural safe tap water projects were newly constructed, which ensures the security of drinking water for 82 thousand people. 1,064 new water resource projects of small scale were built and the water-saving irrigation area increased by 55,800 mu; 23,210 mu of land were closed for nurture and protection in areas suffering water and soil erosion. Water-saving improvement of trunk and branch canals in irrigated areas covering 78 km. 29 reservoirs were checked and reinforced for safety; 23 projects meeting emergency and flood control were carried through; 230.7 km of river embankment were constructed or consolidated.