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Domestic trade

Consumer Goods Market
  The consumer goods market has flourished. The total retail sales of consumer goods totaled 118.26 billion yuan, up by 20.3 percent over the previous year, with a growth rate of 3.1 percentage points to a historic high in relation to the past eleven years. Classified by region, the urban retail volume was 110.59 billion yuan, up by 20.4 percent; the rural retail volume was 7.67 billion yuan, up by 18.8 percent. Classified by trade, the sales volume of wholesale and retail trade was 98.74 billion yuan, up by 20.9 percent; the accommodation and catering trade was 18.53 billion yuan, up 18.3 percent; the others were 1 billion yuan, up 0.5 percent. Classified by commodity category, the retail volume of edible commodities was 58.67 billion yuan, up by 22.8 percent; the clothing commodities 20.54 billion yuan, up by 16 percent; the utility commodities 35.19 billion yuan, up by 16.8 percent.

Commercial and Trade Facility Construction
  With the opening of Decathlon and the construction of IKEA, there are now four of the Fortune 500 companies located in Xianglujiao Logistics Park. Dalian Time Square was opened, containing stores with 32 internationally famous brands. Seven special commercial streets were reconstructed and expanded, such as Jinhua Japan Cultural Street and Russian Street. There were 46 newly added convenient community markets and 403 new breakfast cafés. The commercial construction in central towns started; DA SHANG opened a supermarket in Sanshilipu; and seven agricultural wholesale markets underwent standardized transformation, among which there were Aimin Market in Jinzhou and Pulandian Agriculture By-product Wholesale Market.