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Environmental protection

Environmental Quality
  In general, the condition of environment quality is good. The average content of the four pollutants in the air reached Class 2 of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and there were 353 days with air pollution index (API) within Class 2 (Good), including 108 excellent days achieving Class 1 (Superior). The water quality of offshore marine space maintained stability overall. The annual average content of monitoring indicators for water quality met Class-II of the national seawater quality standard, with the except of inorganic nitrogen in Dalian Bay and along the southern coast. The water quality of drinking water sources stayed good and complied with Class-III of Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water. The urban traffic noise was in line with the national regulations and standards. Dalian won the Sixth Kitakyushu Environment Award.

Management of Construction Projects
  During the year 5,313 construction projects were approved, with a total investment of 84.25 billion yuan, including the environmental protection investment plan of 211 million yuan, accounting for 2.5 percent of total investment; 2,870 projects were completed and inspected. The environmental evaluation of Dalian's urban general planning and of the Five Points and One Line coastal economic zone planning was launched. The environmental evaluation of special planning for citywide thermoelectricity and energy completed its census. 

Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution
  Three sewage treatment plants were put into use, including Malanhe Plant Phase II, leading to an annual reduction of 2,482 tons of COD. Desulphurization projects of generating unit 1 and 2 were put into operation at the Dalian Electric Power Plant of Huaneng Power International, INC, with an annual reduction of 946.8 tons of sulfur dioxide. Relocation and technical reform of Dahua Group helped reduce 3,154 tons of COD. 36 small paper mills were shut down and demolished, and 15 paper mills with an output of over ten thousand tons suspended operation to renovate, leading to an annual reduction of 239 tons in sulfur dioxide and 240 tons of COD. 2756 pollution discharge certificates were granted. All over Dalian, medical waste was collected and safe disposed. A public electronic waste disposal system was established. 82,000 tons of hazardous waste was relocated. More than 120,000 vehicles received the annual exhaust inspection and nearly 20,000 underwent random inspection. Based on this, nearly two thousand vehicles with excessive emissions were confiscated.

Comprehensive Control of Urban Environment
  The project of boiler removal and grid connection in 17 regions was completed in Dalian, with 155 boilers and 110 chimneys removed; and an area of 2.8 million square meters was brought on the heating grid, leading to 31,000 tons less fuel coal and air reduction of 377.4 tons of dust, 352 tons of sulfur dioxide and 294.1 tons of nitrogen oxide.

Natural Ecological Protection
  The eco-city construction project was officially launched. All over Dalian, 62 enterprises which adversely influenced water source security were shut down or improved within the prescribed time limit.

Urban Gardening and Greening
  750,000 trees were planted in urban areas, with an increase of 1.75 million square meters of public green space, thus, now the per capita public green space amounts to 11.6 square meters and the urban green coverage rate amounts to 44 percent.