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Fixed investment

Investment in fixed assets maintained a rapid growth momentum. Total investment in the entirety of social fixed assets was 327.35 billion yuan, up by 30.2 percent over the previous year. Of the total investment, urban investment was 296.99 billion yuan, up by 39.1 percent; and rural investment 30.36 billion yuan, down by 19.9 percent. Of the investment in urban fixed assets, investment in construction projects was 239.1 billion yuan, up by 45.9 percent; investment in real estate development was 57.89 billion yuan, up by 16.8 percent.

Investment structure
In 2009, the proportion of investment in secondary industries increased. Classified by industry, investment in primary industries was 16.36 billion yuan, up by 23.7 percent; in secondary industries 136.68 billion yuan, up by 37.5 percent, growth rate increased 12.6 percentage points; in tertiary industries 174.31 billion yuan, up by 25.7 percent. The proportions of investment in the three industrial levels were adjusted to 5.0:41.8:53.2 from 5.3:39.5:55.2 of the previous year.

Infrastructure construction
The construction of infrastructure facilities was further improved. The main project of Dalian’s part of the Hada passenger-dedicated line was basically completed; the coastal road sector of 860 km in Dalian was put into operation; and the rail extension of No.202 Trolleybus was launched; 190 km of roads were reconstructed, and 500 km of rural roads were newly built. 800 dangerous rural houses in straitened circumstances were renovated, and 700 households relocated due to ecological immigration. Projects -- including the urban subway, the third phase of airport expansion, the rail transit line from Dalian to Lvshun, and the new public fitness center for Dalian citizens -- went under construction; water delivery from Dahuofang Reservior to Dalian, the renovation of Sandaogou Water Treatment Plant, the International Convention Center, and the Sports Center Stadium went along well. Construction of Donlian Road and Yingke Square overpass were completed; a new footbridge in Lvbo community and an underground pedestrian passageway on Wuhui Road were built. More than 170 sections of major trunk roads and streets, an area of 540,000 square meters, were maintained. 30 km of the urban water supply network were renovated, and19 km of the gas pipe network were newly built, solving longstanding problems for 9749 households; 4,630 thousand square meters was added to the heat supply area, solving the remaining problems of residence without heat in old urban area, bringing the heat supply area to 108 thousand square meters.