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  Established in 1899, Dalian port was the third largest international port for foreign trade in China. There are 65 berths in the port, namely for crude oil,petroleum products, coal, steels, lumber, containers and break-bulk.35 of them are with the berthing capacity of 80 million tons of goods per year. Dalian has established  international trade relationship with more than 150 regions and countries in the world. The Dayaowan port currently under construction, with 100 deep-sea berths and an annual capacity of handling 80 million tons of goods, is going to be the largest deep-water harbor for transferring containers.
  Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, connects 47 cities both at home and abroad. It has 49 domestic and international air routes. Its landing tracks are also big enough to accommodate Boeing 747s.
  Dalian railway network connects both the northeast and the northern part of China.
  The length of Dalian’s highways totals 4,091 kilometers. 62 bus routes run through the city veins of Dalian, carrying with it nearly three million passengers a day.
Post and Telecommunications
  Post and telecommunications in Dalian,including international correspondence, international phone calls, and international telegraphs can reach more than 190 regions and countries. More than 50 service items are provided, such as mobile communication, radio call, packet switching, DDN, CHINANET, EMS(Express Mail Service)and so on. Telecommunications between urban and rural areas are digitally controlled by computers.
Power supply
  The power stations have a capacity of 50 million KW (Kilowatt). There are five power stations in Dalian and there are 12 generator sets with the total installed capacity of 1.05 million KW (Kilowatt).
Water supply
  The total volume of fresh water in Dalian is 4.94 billion cubic meters per year, in which 36.1 billion is surface water, and the other 13.3 billion cubic meters per year is ground water. The biggest river, Biliu River, is the source for inter-basin division. There are 10 water supply reservoirs in Dalian, with a total supply of 1 billion cubic meters .Dalian has 9 purification plants and tap water is available in all of its urban areas.
Gas supply
  There are 2 plants in Dalian for gas production with a capacity to produce 660 thousand cubic meters of gas per day. The total length of its gas pipes are 1627 kilometers.
Heat supply
  88.19% of urban households in Dalian have heating in winter.