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Natural Environment
Driving from Dalian downtown for 27km alongside the Yellow Sea coast, you’ll arrive at Dalian Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), which is an important part of Dalian New Downtown, the leading forefront of opening-up in Northeast China, and the largest free trade zone available in China.  

    DFTZ covers an area of 251 km2, governs three neighborhoods, namely Dayao Bay, Ershilipu and Liangjiadian, and has a population of nearly 100,000. It comprises the Special Function Zone and Dalian Automotive Logistics City, both of which have a distance of 8km. DFTZ has now become the core function area of Northeast Asia International Shipping Center and Logistics Center that integrates the core elements of port, international logistics, free trade policy, collection & distribution system, city function, etc. DFTZ is developing into an influential international energy port, and it is building up an export-oriented automotive industry base targeting at new energies and focusing on R&D and production of self-owned domestic brands in North China. 
    Dalian Automotive Logistics City covers an area of 188 km2 and comprises three parts, namely Core Industrial Area, City Function Area and Urban Agriculture Development Area. 
  Core Industrial Area, with a planning area of 69 km2, consists of Auto Industrial Park, Integrated International Logistics Park and Liangjiadian Industrial Park.  
   Auto Industrial Park, with the planning area of 39 km2, consists of vehicle production base, auto supporting production base, second-hand car auction & trading market, auto theme park, business & leisure area, and residential area. Auto Industrial Park attaches great importance to developing vehicle and new energy vehicle manufacturing, and also develops the related industries like auto parts manufacturing, automotive R&D, automobile culture, etc. The vehicle R&D and production base of Auto Industrial Park and Special Function Zone is currently the major cradle for DFTZ to develop industrial entities as well as one of the automobile and auto parts industrial bases recognized by the State.  
    Integrated International Logistics Park, with the planning area of 18 km2, is an important area for extending the functions of Dayao Bay Bonded Port Area and expanding the development base of Dalian international logistics. Based on the policy functions, the Logistics Park utilizes the logistics distribution advantages, drives business and trade, finance, information and other elements to cluster in the Park, builds up an modern integrated service system for relevant industries like logistics and trade, endeavors to build an integrated regional logistics distribution center and commodity distribution center rooted in Dalian, serving Northeast China and facing Northeast Asia, and becomes the major cradle for the core function area of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center and Logistics Center. 
    Liangjiadian Industrial Park, with the planning area of 12 km2, is one of the key economic parks as approved by Dalian Municipal Government. It attaches great importance to developing automobile and auto parts industry represented with commercial vehicle, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry represented with construction engineering machinery, and the strategic emerging industry represented with new energies and new materials, and thus gradually develops into a multifunctional and internationally competitive modern manufacturing cluster integrating production, R&D, headquarters economy and supporting service. 
    The City Function Area of Dalian Automotive Logistics City, with the total planning area of 62 km2, comprises Ecological Satellite City and Qingyun Lake Residential Quarters.  
    Ecological Satellite City, with the planning area of 50 km2, is adjacent to the University Town of Dalian Development Area (DDA) and the main urban area of Dalian in the south, and it is 5 km from Jinzhou downtown in the southwest. Ecological Satellite City is located in the center of Dalian Automotive Logistics City, east and west of which are Integrated International Logistics Park and Auto Industrial Park. It is the supporting service zone and urban core function area for automotive logistics industry in DFTZ. Convenient traffic conditions are available here, as Guangningsi Station of Dandong–Dalian High-Speed Railway is directly accessible to the railway network of Northeast China; the Port Highway, National Highway 201, Hebei Highway and Beiqing Highway cross through here, which are connected closely to the main urban area and New Downtown of Dalian. With picturesque environment and perfect functions available and based on the planning and design concept of eco-environmental protection, habitability and enterprise-adaptability, the Ecological Satellite City echoes with the landscape system composed of Dahei Mountain Scenic Area and Beida River Basin, and gathers the urban functions of administrative office, headquarters economy, financial service, culture and education, medical health, commerce and residence, ecological recreation, etc. Hence, it is a world-class and China’s leading satellite city. It has started construction with the planning area of 15km2, the building area of 13,000,000 m2 and the population of 200,000 according to the principle of overall planning and step-by-step implementation.  
    As an important part of City Function Area, Qingyun Lake Residential Quarters, with the planning area of 12 km2, is centered on Qingyun Landscape Lake and based on the industrial clusters of Liangjiadian Industrial Park and Integrated International Logistics Park. It will be built into a modernized supporting service zone integrating administration, education, business and trade, leisure vacation and other functions. 
    Urban Agriculture Development Area, with the planning area of 57 km2, attempts to build up the “three axis” mode of agricultural layout in terms of space. 
    The “three axis” covers leisure and sightseeing agriculture, quality agriculture and eco-forestry. Leisure and Sightseeing Agriculture Park is located alongside Dayao Bay Port Highway and covers an area of 24 km2. As a “back garden” of DFTZ, it focuses on constructing a new farm integrating sightseeing, leisure, fruit picking and catering, and building up a modern urban agricultural corridor. Located alongside Chashan – Yuhuangding Line of Liangjiadian and covering an area of 23 km2, Quality Agriculture Park focuses on building up a quality agricultural belt gathering the planting of quality fruits like large cherry, blueberry and grape, as well as processing, warehousing, logistics, winery, sightseeing tourism, etc. Located at the junction of East DFTZ and Jinzhou New District and covering an area of 10 km2, Eco-Forestry Park focuses on developing high-grade seedlings and flower industry, constructing a forestry park, and building up an eco-forestry belt.  
    A great surge of development and construction has swept through Dalian Automotive Logistics City, which will become an integrated eco-habitable satellite city as well as a vigorous new area and characteristic new city of Dalian New Downtown, with the annual production of 700,000 cars, annual output value of 180 billion Yuan, annual export volume of USD 5 billion, and the population of 300,000.