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FTZ Planning

On July 1st, 2009, the State Council has officially approved <The Plan to Develop the Coastal Economic Belt of Liaoning Province>. This decision makes Economic Belt of Liaoning Province become same importance in hierarchically level of reform and opening-up as other booming region like Pearl River Delta, Yangze River Delta, and Tianjin Bohai New Area. The Coastal Economic Belt of Liaoning Province includes coastal cities like Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou, Yingkou, Panjin, Huludao and etc. Coastal Economic Belt is located in the important coastal area around Bohai area and the key area of Northeast Asia Economic Circle. Whereas FTZ locates in Dalian and also just in the core place of the Economical Belt of Liaoning Province.
  At the beginning of the 1980’s, the reform and opening-up of Shenzhen gives Pearl River Delta the opportunity to develop. In 1990s, the development and opening-up of Shanghai Pudong speed up the development of Yangtze River Delta. The establishment of Binhai New Area in Tianjin indicates the development of Bohai Rim entering into a new stage. Upgrading Coastal Economic Belt of Liaoning province as national strategy has great significance for the completion of Bohai Economic Rim and makes Bohai Rim as one of the three economic circles together with Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta in the real sense.
  The belt has rich resources, strong and solid industrial foundation, and well structured transportation system. To speed up the development of Coastal Economic Belt of Liaoning province has strategic significance for revitalizing Northeast industrial base, improving the coastal economic layout, promoting the coordinated development of the region and opening up to the outside world.
  As the core city in Liaoning coastal economic belt, Dalian has favorable geographical location and strong economic social radiation ability which will make Dalian the leader in Liaoning coastal economic belt. Dalian will play a better leading role in the development and opening-up of whole Liaoning coastal economic belt. The state government will pay much attention and concern to the development of Dalian as a core city and will also give further support to the development of important projects in Dalian.
  Along with 20 years’ opening up and fast development, FTZ has become one of the best regions with best comprehensive investment environment in northern China. With such a new national strategy, FTZ will enter into new stage of development. As the national comprehensive reform pilot area in the core place of Liaoning coastal economic belt, FTZ is authorized to try and execute the major reform and opening-up measures in advance so as to speed up the step of accelerating implementing international practice. We are now aiming at efforts to make FTZ a high level modern manufacturing and R & D transformation base in North China, a northern international shipping center and an international logistics center, and let it gradually become a new livable eco-city with economic prosperity, social harmony and beautiful environment.