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There are 2,373 medical institutions including 111 hospitals and 1,870 clinics or health stations in Dalian Municipality, and our medical staff totals 44000. There are also  39 community public health service centers, 32 community service stations, and four community hospitals established in 32 street offices of the four downtown districts. AIDS, tuberculosis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and other serious infectious diseases are effectively controlled. The EPI vaccination rate across Dalian is at 99 percent or above. Our pre-hospitalization first aid network includes a first aid center, eight first aid branches, and 13 first aid green channels in hospitals covering all four urban districts of Dalian and the Dalian Development Zone.
  English-speaking doctors and nurses are available in every big general and specialized hospital. Many hospitals can routinely serve foreign patients, including the Affiliated hospitals of Dalian Medical University, Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Railway Hospital, TCM Hospital, the Stomatology Hospital, the Women’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital.