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Dalian is not only hailed as “pearl of north China”, but also a shopping paradise. The shopping centers of Dalian are mainly consisted of Tianjin Street and Qing Niwaqiao, these two famous business circles located in front of the railway station, connected by Victory Square Department store. In recently years, along with increasing foreign commercial buildings, there are two business circles rising up in the middle west of the city, represented by Olympic Mall, Wal-Mart in the middle and Parkson, Carrefour in the west.
  Shopping in Dalian, you should first focus your attention on Dalian-flavored seafood, fruits, crafts as well as dress and ornaments.
  Famous local products: sea products like sea cucumber, kelp, abalone, prawn, scallop and neptunea. Fruits like Jonathan apple, peach, and Dalian cherries; Crafts like glassworks, embroideries, sea-shell carving, etc.
  Dalian four commercial and shopping centers: Qingniwaqiao, Tianjin Street, Renmin Road and Xi’an Road. Qingniwaqiao is the most prosperous one.
  Famous shopping malls: Dashang Group, Dalian Park Land, MYKAL, Victory Square, Lianyang Department Store, Zhongxing Mansion, Korea Fashion Wholesale City, etc.
  Tianjin Street- Dalian commercial pedestrian street enjoys the reputation of Najing Road of Dalian. There are some old and famous shops like Tianbai Building, Tianlun Department Store, Guotai Mansion and Tianjin Street Fashion Center along the Street. Friendship Shopping Mall on the Renmin Road is the most luxury shopping mall in Dalian, Parkson Shopping Center, Tianxing Roosevelt, as well as MYKAL on Xi’an Road have become new bright spots in Dalian Commercial.