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Social security

Household Income
  The level of urban and rural household incomes kept increasing. The annual per capita disposable income of urban residents was 17,500 yuan, up by 15.8 percent over the previous year; and the annual per capita consumption expenditure was 14,101 yuan, up 16.2 percent. The annual per capita net income of rural residents was 9,818 yuan, up 17.3 percent over the previous year; and the annual per capita living and consumption expenditure was 5,770 yuan, up 10.9 percent. Engel Coefficients in urban households was 37.9 percent and in rural households 46.4 percent.

Housing Reform Fund
  The housing reform fund collected during the year was 7.41 billion yuan, with 6.74 billion yuan as a public housing provident fund, up 26.9 percent and 30.4 percent over the previous year respectively. A total of 6.47 billion yuan was used, with 2.97 billion yuan granted as personal housing policy-related loans, down by 6.1 percent and 17 percent over the previous year. By the end of the year, the accumulated balance of housing reform funds collected was 22.47 billion yuan, with 1.88 billion yuan as the balance for public provident fund; and the accumulated balance of housing reform fund used was 10.45 billion yuan, with 10.34 billion yuan as balance of personal housing policy-related loans.

Social Insurance
  By the end of 2008, 1574 thousand persons in Dalian participated in basic pension programs, and the insurance premium collected was 9.04 billion yuan, up 13.2 percent and 22.9 percent over the previous year. Among them, 1.446 million company employees took out insurance, and insurance premiums collected on reached 7.87 billion yuan, up 15.4 percent and 36.4 percent respectively. 527 thousand persons retiring from enterprises drew their basic pensions in their full amount. 1,042 thousand persons applied for unemployment insurance and the benefits distributed reached 780 million yuan, up 8.1 percent and 23.8 percent respectively. A total of 3,237 thousand persons participated in medical insurance and the insurance premium collected was 4.1 billion yuan, up 20.2 percent and 34.9 percent respectively. A total of 1,871,000 people applied for work-related injury insurance, and benefits distributed reached 310 million yuan, up 40.7 percent and 40.9 percent respectively. 1.05 million people applied for maternity insurance, and benefits distributed reached 150 million yuan, up by 6.9 percent and 36.4 percent respectively.

Social Security
  Dalian" urban and rural criteria of minimum living allowance and pensions for retirees from enterprises ranked first in Liaoning Province. The per capita minimum living allowance for urban and rural areas reached 164 yuan and 97 yuan per month, up by 20.1 percent and 18.2 percent over the previous year. The per capita pension for retirees from their places of employment reached 1,181 yuan, up by 14.8 percent. The synchronized adjustment mechanism of the criteria for unemployment insurance and for minimum wage was established. Unemployment insurance benefits were  increased by 75 yuan, up by 18.2 percent. The basic medical insurance standard was greatly improved. The subsidy for chronic diseases now covers 15 diseases from the original nine, and the settlement range of  curable diseases now covers 27 diseases from the original 22. All districts, cities and towns all established the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the members of low income family and the disable also qualified for the basic medical insurance for urban residents, with 447 thousand people insured in Dalian. The special fund financing system of enterprises and public institutions heat supply subsidy covered 18,737 employing units with 440 thousand employees.

Social Assistance Grants
  By the end of the year, the total urban and rural minimum living allowance targets amounted to 156,000, including 95,000 urban residents and 61, rural residents, of which the security coverage was 3 percent and 2.5 percent respectively. Throughout the year, an accumulated 260 million yuan was granted as an urban and rural minimum security supplement, with 190 million yuan for urban residents and 700 million yuan for rural residents, which is a record high. The emergency and relief mechanism in response to stagflation was improves, with the delivery of the subsistence allowances of 1,828,400 yuan to rural and urban residents. The system of basic medical assistance to poverty-stricken urban and rural residents was implemented and the basic medical insurance now covers all urban residents in compliance with the standard. 18.42 million yuan was input to assist 620, sick urban and rural residents. The system of special assistance to urban families with low income was implemented, with 1.822 million yuan input and 5,870 urban families with low income assisted. 2,000 households". Decrepit houses in rural areas were renovated and the subsidy from the governments of city and county level increased to 20 thousand yuan from 15 thousand yuan. 60.33 million yuan was granted as temporary relief during the New Year and Spring Festivals, for hazard assistance, and as counterpart donations to help 206,000 urban and rural households in difficulty.

Social Welfare
  Throughout the year, there were 20 senior nursing institutions approved and renovated, and 3,200 new senior nursing beds made available. Dalian Implementation Guideline of Perfecting Home-based Care Service for Ages was drawn up and implemented. The city and county governments invested 10 million yuan subsidy for home-based care, which incorporated nearly 10,000elderly people in with low income and widowed senior citizens. There were 20 new rural regional central senior citizen homes built and all of them were taken over by the management system of institutions. A new system for keeping childless and infirm rural residents was constructed. With funeral and interment convenient policies implementation, there was a remission of funeral and interment fees of 440,000 yuan for 1,116 low income households. The total sales turnover of welfare lottery tickets amounted to 1.03 billion yuan.