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Industry status

In October of 2003, central committee of the communist party of China and state council decides “several proposal of implementing revitalization to Northeast Old Industry Base”. Since then Revitalizing Northeast Old Industry Base becomes another very important national strategy.
  Northeast Old Industry Base had played very important role in China during the first period of time of establishment of new People’s Republic of China. For instance, there were 58 important industry projects settled down in Northeast China among totally 156 ones. Therefore, Northeast China formed rather perfect industry infrastructures and key industry bases at that time. Generally speaking, the Liaoning province usually ranked around 7, Jilin ranked around 13 and Heilongjiang around 18 among 31 provinces and autonomies in terms of GDP. In Northeast China, state-owned or stated-majority-shared enterprises accounts 10.2% of totally 4187 of such enterprises. For instance, it accounts 1/3 of full sets of power supply equipment, 1/4 of petrochemical industry,1/8 of metallurgical and steel capacity, 1/3 of ship-building, 1/4 of automobile industry capacity, 2/5 of crude oil store, 1/2 of wooden store, 1/3 of commodity cereals etc. Besides these pillar industry and national resources, there are plenty of high-tech and soft Industry that are also well developed.
  There are 154 universities that account 11.3% of whole universities of China. With 2.1 million Engineers and technicians it accounts 10% of that in whole China. To implement plan of revitalizing Northeast Old Industry Base, central government will grant special support to any projects in accordance of encouraged by central government with respect to many fields like tax-incentives, fiscal subsidies, accelerating depreciation of equipment etc. Just for this purpose, state council forms dedicated Office of the Leading Group for Revitalizing Northeast China FTZ will surely enjoy related policies of revitalizing Northeast Old Industry Base.
  Major industries in Dalian FTZ include the processing industry, which focuses on electronics, machinery, plastics and home appliances; the trade industry, which focuses on automobiles and petroleum; and related logistics and warehousing industries. Major investors include Jinbaozhi Electrics, Wanfang Electrical Appliances and Brilliance Automobiles.